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We are your one stop SEO agency in Thailand for all things SEM and online advertising. Our local team of professionals has the experience, expertise, and heart to provide you with meaningful results. 

And, we keep you updated every step of the way with detailed 30-day reports. Understand your ranking status and conversion rate in seconds, and see how we’re improving them both. No surprises or hidden fees, everything we do is to our clients get the most out of their digital presence.

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We remain at the forefront of industry in Thailand and abroad, constantly revising our SEO services.

Wherever your SEO company is located, don’t worry. We can help.

We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to:


Search Engine Marketing is the practice to improving your Google rankings, so that new customers can find you.


Our Pay Per Click campaigns will expose your brand to Google searches and media outlets, creating new sources of traffic and potential customers.


Let our in-house designers optimize your website into a clean & responsive site that attracts new targeted visitors and sales for your company.

International and Thai SEO in Thailand

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO company in Bangkok will work as an extension of your team.

As a tenured search engine marketing firm in Thailand, we begin each project with extensive industry, target audience, competitors and keywords audit.

We are different from other SEO companies in Thailand, because we use a strategic approach that reverse engineer your competitors’ organic and paid strategy to understand their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your own.

Only results matter, and that is exactly what we bring you.

You’re just a click away from making a difference.

SEM Specialists in Bangkok

Pay Per Click Campaigns

We are your go-to Pay per Click Marketing Specialist!

If your company is looking for a short-term approach to generate more sales and inbound leads, Pay Per Click advertising (ex Google AdWords) is great for getting immediate exposure to your site. Focus on what you do at your best and let our digital marketing agency taking care of your PPC campaigns.

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UX Friendly Solutions

Web Design

Hand over your web designing projects to a service with a great track record, experienced and dedicated team of wordpress developers who are ready to work hard to get the right solution for your company.

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Results of our services


Local Case Study in the Seafood Niche.

How were able to increase organic traffic than +466.20% and boost conversions of a brand new e-commerce store over 26%

SEO Case Study in the Automotive Niche.

How were able to rank the company  on Google Page #1, Spot #1 in one the most competitive niche, targeting high commercial intent keywords in Thai & English.

Internal SEO Case Study in the Travel Niche.

How were able to increase sales for more than +30% bringing organic traffic from an average of 2,000 monthly visitors to over 15,000 organic hits per month.

Succcess Story


Your company will be in good hands with the team! The service they provide comes with great customer service, they are most knowledgeable and efficient! Thumbs up also on the follow up. Our favorite super Heroes in Thailand!!!! Thank you for your support!

Lucija Perko
Stories of Silver Silk

Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure, not only was he extremely capable and knowledgeable about SEO his knowledge on point and up to date, something which I feel is a big issue with most “professional” SEO companies.

Sia Mohajer
Market Monkey

SEO Heroes Bangkok has been providing superb SEO services, communication and advice with ongoing improving result of our Google rankings. If you want to find a digital marketing agency that can give a practical consultant and proof the solid result, this is a right place. We are very happy with this investment.

Orion Healing

Getting Your Company Seen in Thailand

Working With us

We’re different from other agencies because we dedicate our careers to getting you real results.

Our top-tier digital marketing and advertising campaigns include 6 extensive steps.

  1. First, we assess. This means we do a full audit of your current digital marketing landscape to form a baseline of your KPIs. The goal here is to identify key issues. We want to see what’s working for you and what isn’t. We’ll look at your website’s monthly visits, conversion rates, sales percentages, average initial order value, and many other metrics. We’ll also consult with you to learn about your goals. What do you want to accomplish in the next year or two? What are you struggling with? This first step is truly about getting a full understanding of your business and your situation.
  2. In the second step, we plan. With the data we gathered on your baseline performance, we can start planning the next steps. We’ll look into your competition’s advertising strategies and success, delve deeper into your top buyer personas, and build the outline of your content strategy.
  3. Then, in the third step, we build. This is when we create the foundation of your optimization plan. We’ll optimize your website, create landing pages, optimize your ads, etc. This is the grittiest part of our process.
  4. In the fourth step, we move on to the drive phase. Here, we’ll start using the foundation we built to drive engagement and traffic. That could include using On and Off Page marketing tactics, paid advertising, organic optimization, creating targeted content, and more.
  5. In the fifth step, we track and optimize everything to ensure maximum performance of our strategies.
  6. Finally, in the sixth step, we focus on growth. Your strategies are up and running, we’ll take additional steps to engage with new buyers by advertising to new audiences in order to efficiently scale your company.

As you can see, we don’t think small. When you work with us, you get the full package. Want to know more?


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Digital Agency Bangkok base?

Our Digital Agency is officially registered in Thailand. We operate in Bangkok and all work is done in-house.

How can I contact you?

Get in touch today and we can start to discuss the right advertising solution for your business. We will help you to find the next generation of customers. Mail us today at – call 099 0123440 (Bangkok, Bangna Based ). Thank you!

How Can You Help Our Company Generate More Revenue?

There are so many different ways to increase traffic to your website. Unless you’re an expert on each and every one of them, there are likely gaps in your strategy. Our local team performs an exhaustive gap analysis on your digital marketing plan to see where you can improve. With our experience and expertise, we can address those areas and bring them up to the level you desire. One example is social media.

The role of social media (Youtube/Instagram/Facebook) is crucial for driving traffic to your site. A solid social media strategy impacts your organic presence on Google search results. Then, there are PPC ads on social media platforms, like display ads on Facebook for example. These ads require a bidding strategy and budget managing. With effective leadership, it’s another effective way of garnering traffic and, thus, boosting sales.

Back when social media didn’t exist, the link-building world was different. Fast forward to today and you can’t ignore social media when talking about building backlinks. Why? Because a good chunk of content on the web is distributed via social media (YouTube/ Facebook/Instagram). It’s the biggest content distribution engine. Which means your influence on social media networking sites has a direct impact on your level of authority.

We will help your business generate more revenue by improving the channels you’re currently not putting 100% of your effort into. Your results are our results.


How Do I Get Started?

When you decide we are the team you want to work with, we’ll send you a Client Questionnaire to fill out. This gives us the chance to learn more about your business, brand, clients, and industry. It’ll tell us what you’re struggling with so we can ensure we’re able to help you. Filling out this form does not signify any commitment on your part. It’s simply a gesture to get to know each other better.

Will I Be Locked Into a Long Term Contract?

Not at all! All contracts and services agreements are on a month to month plan. 

Why Don't You Offer Packages?

 There is no such thing as an SEO campaign that works for every single niche and project out there. That is why SEO/SEM Packages are not a good deal, because they are not specialized solutions designed to tackle down the specific challenges your project will face in the SERPS.

In fact, no serious agency nowadays will offer you such as a thing as a package, because they will only lead to disappointment in the majority of cases.

Sure, they can offer results in some cases, but it is more like playing the roulette. You have chances of winning, but they are minimal, and your chances of losing are exponentially bigger.

The problem resides in the following:

  1. A fixed number of links are not correlated with the difficulty of the niche. You might need only 10, but you might as well need over 30. This is something that an SEO/SEM package doesn’t contemplate, simply because it is a cookie-cutter solution and not a specific one, and in most cases, such thing will fail and will make you lose money. As simple as that.
  2. Most packages are not niche-specific solutions. They offer you links, but no report will be provided ( just screenshots ) – neither they will tell you where they are coming from. Nowadays, the real power resides in relevance, and you need plenty of it to rank.
  3. They don’t follow a plan because there is no such thing. The majority of packages, if none, don’t contemplate aspects like consistency and link velocity, and thereby they can draw unnecessary attention and trigger penalties that will stop you from progressing.
  4. They offer delusional promises. Furthermore, you are also fooled by a price that symbolizes nothing, because when there is no research, you will never know what it takes to rank in your niche, and thereby you are paying for nothing.

You are intelligent enough to see what’s wrong with the marketing done around those copy-paste solutions you will stay away from them. In synthesis, these are the reasons:

  1. They are designed based on nothing, because every niche and keywords have their own levels of competitiveness, and therefore, they need different approaches.
  2. They are a bad investment, even if the price is “cheap”.
  3. They can do more harm than good.
  4. They won’t get you the results you expect.

Got it now? Contact us to see why a custom plan is exactly what your business needs. Let’s talk today!

How Do Organic Results Differ from Paid Results?

Organic results are more or less what the name suggests. They are organic. This means that the websites appearing on Google search results solely on the basis of an algorithm are organic results.

Paid results, or inorganic results, on the other hand, are results that have been obtained after a payment from advertisers made to the search engines in return for highlighting their website at the top of the page. Pay Per Click advertising is great for getting immediate exposure to your company.

What Is SEO?
What did you type into the search engine bar? (example: SEO services Bangkok…). Welcome to the world of SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as the process of enhancing a website’s visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It’s most commonly recognized as an internet marketing strategy that helps in promoting your company and getting more traffic to your websites. Our SEO company in Bangkok, Thailand helps a company like your achieving top page rankings on Google.

Keeping your profit and long-term goals in mind, our team develops a number of valuable keywords for your business that are most likely to be relevant to your audience. And, we work on developing your website around these keywords.

A wide range of keywords aid in driving new visitors and potential clients to your website. But, SEO is more than just keyword research and placement. It includes many different practices that, together, create a higher search engine ranking. You could work on these different factors yourself or allow us to take care of this massive task for you. To enforce a successful SEO strategy, you must know exactly who your target audience is. This goes deeper than knowing what country they’re located in or what their profession is. The more you know about your customers, the more specific you can be with your keywords, tagging, and more. So, who is your target customer? Our branding experts will get down to the bottom of this mystery for you. Then, you need to focus on On-Page SEO. These are tactics that make your user experience better and improve the technical aspect of your site. Some examples are boosting page speed, optimizing images with alt tags, adding social sharing buttons, and using a mix of internal and external links. The content on your site is also important; using headings and subheadings can make a world of difference for your users. Optimal web design is key when it comes to SEO. Assuming the theme your website builder provides is good enough is, sadly, not good enough. We always recommend using our professional WordPress Designer services to create a site that is completely search engine optimized. We do this by creating an attractive and clear layout. The navigation is simple and users can easily find their way around the site. Our designers ensure the site is responsive and mobile optimized. We handle redirects, errors, and bugs that would leave non-experts at a loss.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-Per-Click (now Google Ad – before Google AdWords) is an internet marketing model in which advertisers have to pay a fee for each click they get on their ads on search engines, such as YouTube and Google. With this method, advertisers get to direct traffic to their websites. It is most popular in search engine marketing (SEM). 
SEO Heroes Bangkok
 carries out a thoroughly researched Pay-Per-Click campaign wherein we research best performing keywords.

Is There Another Way to Top Placement?

The finest tried-and-tested way of achieving a top ranking and display your website in front of the right audience is SEO. Although it may seem easy and simple, this is a time-consuming process. It calls for a lot of research and very up-to-date knowledge of the latest search engine guidelines and instructions, link building tactics, and web site structures.

Does Google Hate Search Organic Results?

Absolutely not! Google and SEO’s are working partners. Google sustains search engine optimization SEO, by offering to businesses like yours, number of tools and advice to marketers. Usually, Google and big online marketing companies partner so that a major portion of Google’s businesses list is made up of search engine marketing companies that buy Pay-Per-Click Advertising from Google.

What is the Right Number of Keywords to Use on a Web Page?

Keyword frequency on your SEO strategy matters. On average, it should be at least 1 to 3 percent. Display content on your page using too many keywords can result in the impression that you are “keyword stuffing”, forcing search engines to reject your content. Write for people, not search engines, this is the way to establish a base for good SEO.

How Long Does it Take for Search Engine Optimization to Work?

The results of an SEO Google campaign depends on more than 200 factors including your social media presence ( Facebook & YouTube ) and the quality of content created. Large sites often see results quicker than smaller sites because of the difference in crawling frequency. Our link building SEO approach involves influencer marketing outreach to relevant niche blogs. ( via blog contact ).

What About Influencer Marketing and Social Media?

You can’t say you want to boost traffic without considering social media’s role in doing so. Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are massive players in the lead generation game. It’s where your target customers likely spend time, which is why you need to be spending time there, too. Plus, your social presence helps you build authority in your industry. When users trust your expertise, they’re more likely to buy from you. So, we incorporate PPC ads and social media strategy into our plans, consulting/training for clients.