10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Disappointing You

Digital marketing and online marketing are the quintessential marketing buzz words of the 21st Century.

Wherever businesses turn online, they are met with the same advice. If they want to expand their client base, they need to engage with social media users. If they want to stay abreast of their competition, they need to be syndicating phenomenal online media. And if any business wants to achieve any level of e-commerce success, it needs to be search engine optimizing every facet of its presence on the Internet.

However, increasing numbers of businesses are becoming disillusioned with digital marketing. On the one side, it’s becoming inordinately difficult to know where to start with things like social media marketing. In the meantime, businesses which do seem to tick all the right digital marketing boxes, simply don’t start realizing the returns which they have been promised.

Digital Marketing Without Direction

When it comes to why increasing amounts of businesses are growing disillusioned with digital marketing, the foremost reason lies with many businesses simply not deploying a decisive digital marketing plan.

Deciding to create a Facebook page isn’t the same as budgeting time and resources around a definitive social media marketing plan. Businesses need to create a digital marketing plan timeline, identify their target audience, and set up a system to monitor the success (or not) of their different digital marketing efforts.

Lack of Consistency

After not starting out with a definitive digital marketing plan in the first place, many businesses fails when it comes to online marketing, by simply not being consistent with their marketing efforts.

While it’s easy to start blogging, following influencers on social media, and creating great contents, few businesses are actually able to keep up their digital marketing in the highest of praises.

Your Marketing is Robotic & Cheesy

Are you the best at what you do and love telling everyone who will listen of how exceptional your business is? If so, it might be the time to tone down the ego even just a little. Try to think in this kind of perspective,Coca-Cola never asserts itself as the world’s favorite soft drink nor does Apple ever labeled their brand as the creator of the best consumer electronics. Instead, the best marketing efforts are usually those which are much more subtle in nature.

Stop With the Hard Sell

In mind of cheesy and robotic marketing, almost everyone hates hard selling tactics. With this being the case, if you are yelling at your target audience in order to get them to buy from you, you need to understand that this isn’t digital marketing. A hard sell, in fact, can often be equivocal to digital marketing suicide.

You Don’t Understand Digital Marketing

Are you throwing everything that you have at social media, your company blog, weekly press releases, and every possible online marketing channel that you can think of?

If you are being consistent when it comes to making new social media posts, it might be the time to sit back and think about whether you actually know how digital marketing works. For instance, posting new content isn’t the same as posting content targeting at a specific audience and/or customer demographic. Instead, you need to know who your target audience and learn how to interact with them and what exactly channels you should be using to make your target audience entice with what you’re selling.

You Lack of Integrity

Are you not being honest? Lie is one of the crucial mistakes which many businesses commit is when marketing their business.

Are you really a trusted and award-winning expert in your field? If not, a single social media user who feels for whatever reason mis-sold your products or services can be your worst nightmare. Take not that int he social media, every thing is in fast track that even in just one share, the post can meet from east to west. To the point that everyone, even you don’t know each other, will be against you. To avoid situation like this, remember that always show who you really are. Don’t lie. Always try to steadily assert yourself as a trusted authority in your field of expertise. Remember that to be able the market will trust you is that you have to earn. You have to eastablish your credibility.

You Should Have Paid For Professional Help But Didn’t

Digital marketing is hard. However, many people think that digital marketing is just about updating social media as often as possible, many businesses try to do everything themselves. In reality though, the success (or not) of your digital marketing strategy depends entirely on how much you are prepared to invest in it.

Do you have the time to research trends and reach out to your target audience in a new way every day? If not, you need to at least think about seeking professional assistance. Moreover, if you are worried about the cost of outsourcing your digital marketing endeavors, you should perhaps remember that a successful strategy will lead to a significant ROI.

You Don’t Understand the Importance of Customer Relationship Management

Contrary to popular belief, tweeting and making new posts to places like Instagram Stories isn’t the same as building a relationship with your target audience. For example, if you have a rock solid digital marketing plan but aren’t experiencing the results which you was aiming for, it is time to think about incorporating more intensive CRM into your daily marketing activities.

You’re Not Using Automated Posting Systems

The key to digital marketing is consistency. In regard to SEO, Google, and other search engines will rank your website higher in search results if you update your blog regularly. Updating your social media every day will make your content accurate and relevant to which the social media users can relate to.

The only problem, of course, is that sometimes it’s not possible to post new content every day on social media. However, by automating such a process using a dedicated content management system, you can maintain better consistency.

Never Buy Fake Traffic or Social Media Likes

Have you previously attempted to raise your social media profile by buying likes or fake web traffic? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of new businesses do this every day. The only problem is that this is never a sensible strategy to pursue in either the short or long term. Real social media users can spot fake likes and friends from a mile away. With this, social media platforms and even Google itself will penalize you if they think that you are attempting to hack their search and organic popularity algorithms.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

Have you so far failed to realize the benefits of digital marketing? If yes, you have likely experienced one of the issues outlined above. However, if your marketing plan is in serious trouble, the last thing which you should look for is a quick fix. Instead, now is the best time to seek professional marketing assistance. Just remember that such assistance will necessitate at least in a moderate investment. The good news, though, is that the more you invest, the better your ROI will be in the long term.    

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