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All Day Tattoo

All Day Tattoo is a modern high-quality tattoo studio based right in the heart of Bangkok: conveniently located by major hotels, the BTS skytrain and for access by taxi. The tattoo parlor focus is on quality – of artists, of equipment, of customer service and of customer experience. When you contact All Day Tattoo, their fluent English speaking staff will deal with your enquiry quickly and in detail to ensure everything is understood and clear.

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1. Reach New Customers


2. Keyword Cannibalization


3. Focusing on Small Wins


4. Highest Earning Tattoo Studios in Thailand


5. They are The Real Heroes


6. Get Started



Reach New Customers

As one of the top tattoo studios in Bangkok, All Day Tattoo has built quite a following. The rejuvenation of their physical location ignited a burst in new customers making it one of the busiest studios in Bangkok. To match their stunning physical transformation, they required an equally stunning website revamp. The existing site was preventing their business from growing with slow page speeds and loading problems. Their on-page SEO elements were preventing them from ranking higher and increasing sales.


Website History

Keyword Cannibalization

All Day Tattoo’s website was actually using professional SEO services, but it still wasn’t ranking for its top keywords. It had a couple of on-page updates needed. It was clear the site had lots of ranking potential, but it was struggling with organic traffic in relation to cannibalization issues. Our campaign suggested mostly on-page updates and in-depth authority-building.


Our Strategy

Focusing on Small Wins

Working with the client, we removed duplicate content and reinforced thin content. We decreased the number of pages, improved the navigation, and prepared the site for link building. Using relevant bloggers in their niche, we combined natural link building with improved content as well as updated anchor text usage.

A portion of the previous SEO company’s links were taken down. We decided to focus on increasing the number of high-quality links that weren’t likely to cause the client to get penalized or lose authority.

By focusing on small wins as each campaign began, we ensured the client they were getting a strong return on investment. With this motivation, we were able to pursue highly competitive keywords due to our achieved increase in authority.


The Results

Highest Earning Tattoo Studios in Thailand

Six months after the campaign began, the client’s organic traffic increased by 159% and their conversion rate increased by over 22%.

They are now sitting happily on the first page of Google’s results page for the keywords we targeted. As a result, All Day Tattoo is one of the highest earning and highest performing tattoo studios in Thailand.

They’re now able to expand their operations with confidence and continue dominating their market.

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They are The Real Heroes

Review from Seb, one of the founders of All Day Tattoo:

“Finding an SEO team that gives you equal value for your money is really difficult. From the teams that charge a fortune only to give you the most basic backlinks and somehow thinking that’s enough (at the good end), to the scammy tactics of the black hat agencies (at the low end, where 90%+ of agencies seem to operate) that will give you some great, quick results for cheap, until you realize they did it using tactics that Google hates and quickly causes your site to get penalized and disappear from the front page, possibly forever.

SEO Heroes are really the heroes of SEO for me, after having to change agencies several times because of poor performance or shady practices. My business is my obsession, I care about it more than almost anything and I need a team that treats that with respect. They are responsive, professional, true experts in their field and always use tactics that will not only work but follow the rules and so will work for the long term.”

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Ready to get Started

Scale and Grow!

Your business needs to be taking advantage of Google’s immense access to potential customers and leads. Relying on organic traffic isn’t a long-term solution if you want to really scale and grow your business. Remember, your first campaigns might not be as effective as you expect. It takes time to learn the process and modify your strategies based on the data in your analytics. Use the information above to get started.

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