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All Yoga Training

All Yoga Training has over 10 years of experience running yoga teacher training courses. Since 2009, they have certified close to 2000 successful yoga teachers from all around the world. All Yoga Training serves their growing base of students that seek to either become a yoga teacher or to simply deepen their own yoga practice.

Table of Content:


1. Deep Website Overhaul


2. Holding Back Conversion


3. Pursue Visibility on High Competitive Keywords


4. Top Performing Yoga Websites


5. Very Reliable and Professional


6. Scale and Grow



Deep Website Overhaul

To match their growing popularity, they required an in deep website overhaul. It was missing crucial optimization tactics to improve their conversion rate and Google rankings. The existing site was preventing their business from growing due to slow page speeds and loading problems. Their on-page SEO elements were preventing them from ranking higher and increasing sales.


Website History

Holding Back Conversion

All Yoga Training’s website had some pages that were not fully responsive and there were several errors at the coding level that were holding back conversions and user experience. It was clear that the site had lots of potential, but it also had lots of areas to improve. For one, it was struggling with keyword cannibalization issues. The previous agency was harming the site by using inefficient page optimization strategies. Some of the pages were breaking, some of the plugins were generating conflicts, and Google Search Console was showing structured data errors never being fixed.

Website Issues

  • Underperforming page optimization
  • Issues with page loading
  • Keyword cannibalization issues
  • Conversion rate issues

Our Strategy

Pursue Visibility on High Competitive Keywords

Working with the client, we reviewed their URL structure with the intent of diluting keyword stuffing and over-optimization. We’ve suggested the client merge pages and get rid of outdated blog posts with almost no visits in the last year.

We then expanded our strategy of mapping the conversion rate of the two main landing pages using Google analytics, Smartlook, and other premium conversion rate optimization tools.

By focusing on gaining quality links and other strategies listed above, we ensured the client that they were getting a strong return on investment and top Google rankings. With this motivation and newly increased authority, we were able to pursue visibility for highly competitive keywords.


The Results

Top Performing Yoga Websites

Six months after the campaign began, the client’s organic traffic increased by 55.76% and their goal’s completion rate increased by over 110%.

As a result, All Yoga Training is, again, one of the top-performing websites in the yoga and teacher training online space.

They’re now able to expand their operations into other locations, such as India, with confidence and continue scaling their business.



Very Reliable and Professional

Review from Seline, manager at All Yoga Training:

We highly recommend SEO Heroes Bangkok.

Very reliable and professional service at all times. Thank you very much.

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Scale and Grow!

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