Case Study

Body By Beast

In this article, we will show you how we helped Body by Beast to outstand amid the competitive fitness industry, attracting more leads to their website.

The company is a well-known private gym in Bangkok, which has a strong brand that prides itself on delivering first-class personal training programs to high standard personalities such as actors, actresses, and athletes in Thailand.

Unfortunately, Body by Beast was struggling to rank for any generic searches related to gyms in Bangkok, given the strong competition of their niche. Also, they wanted to rank other services available in the company, such as nutrition coaching.

Table of Content:


1. Generating More Leads


2. Total Makeover


3. Outmuscle the Competitor


4. Great Bangkok Area


5. Scale and Grow



Generating More Leads

Due to its’ proximity to other franchise gyms (with huge marketing budgets empowered by corporative structure), as well as other fitness centers focused on specific disciplines (yoga center, for example), to bust into the market was quite challenging.

The company’s owner then decided to opt for an SEO strategy to help them gain more presence, hence generating more leads. He met us and we began our journey by aligning goals, to find a way to fulfill their requests.


Website History

Total Makeover

Before we got involved, the company’s website was running in Square space, with just tiny content, so we began by redesigning their site using WordPress as the platform, also creating multiple pages.

We concentrated our efforts on improving the amount of content on the website, which included geo-targeting the whole content to help it rank for the local areas. We successfully updated the title tags, headings, subheadings, alt descriptions within all pictures, and internal linking structure of the site(s).

Also, to show what type of potential members could expect from the brand, we built out the content from scratch, describing each service and amenity in the gym.

In addition to updating the whole website content to rank within the respective local areas, we also did an extra effort to help the gym rank for a much larger geographic area, which is Bangkok.

We understood that would be a lot more traffic that could be funneled directly to the website if we could target specific keywords related to the gym’s offerings in Bangkok.

Adding up to a sound content strategy that involved a geo-targeted approach, we embarked on a strong local linking building campaign, which included local citations, Google My Business, and outreaching of local websites as well.

What Were the Website Issues?

Their website had some foundational issues, such as:

  • The website was not running on WordPress
  • Missing goal’s tracking
  • Tiny content
  • No Thank you pages

Our Strategy

Outmuscle the Competitor

Using a detailed study about the competition, we saw that the content was not the only factor required to help the gym to rank in Bangkok area, so we also made had put a lot of effort on the following strategies (and we continue to do so):

Citation building: Building mentions of Body by Beast’s name and contacting info all over the internet, especially on high local traffic referral websites.

Link Building: Creation of high-quality content for fitness websites with links aiming right back to Body by Beast’s site, hence generating referral traffic, and influence over search engine rankings.

Inbound content creation: With strong support from clients, we created informative pages on nutrition, including exclusive FAQs, and reference (which also ranks well in the search engines).

Lead capture: The majority of the content created for the gym provides a call-to-action for visitors, who leave their contact information, giving the gym sales team plenty of material to work on.


The Results

Great Bangkok Area

Results did not linger to come, and only 6 months after we started the campaign, Body by Beast’s website had achieved the targeted keyword rankings on Google search results, exactly as it was planned before.

It boosted their performance, as their website is gaining new qualified leads each month and ranks for services both locally and throughout the great Bangkok area.

As a direct result of continual optimization, we achieved:

  • +35% Click Through Rate
  • +7 Top Keywords ranking on Page #1
  • -30% reduction in bounce rate

The numbers do not lie, and as you can see, the before/after the impact of our strategy is simply remarkable.

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