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°Cryo Stay Young

Discover how we helped CRYO to go from zero to shooting sales through the roof within the very first month of working on their digital marketing.

°CRYO Stay Young is a leading company in the global industry of cryotherapy treatments. They’re the unique clinic that provides a safe and completely immersive cryotherapy chamber, capable of reaching temperature as low as -140 °C for the entire body and -162°C for localized treatments.

°CRYO has headquarters in Dubai with locations across the globe including Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Latham, Kuwait, Manama, Strathfield, Istanbul and Saudi Arabia.

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1. Solid Presence in the Thai and Foreign market in Thailand

2. Lots of Areas for Improvement

3. Clear Direction and Focus for the Campaign

4. Through the Roof

5. Great Work, Very Professional and Great Value

6. Get Started


Solid Presence in the Thai and Foreign market in Thailand

They aimed at establishing a solid presence in the Thai and foreign market in Thailand – via getting organic traffic from Google, generate qualified leads from Social Media Ads and Pay Per Click campaigns.


Lots of Areas for Improvement

The original website had several problems such as non-responsive pages, errors at code-level and User Experience issues that were hindering the real potential of the website.

A great potential, but lots of areas for improvement, and hence, plenty of space to grow.

The current set-up was damaging the site because many broken pages, conflictive plugins, 404s – along with problems with Google Analytics and Google Search Console – were preventing the site from growing.

What Were the Website Issues?

The website presented several issues that needed immediate action:

  • Poor on-page optimization
  • Slow page speed loading
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Conversion rate and User Experience issues

    Clear Direction and Focus for the Campaign

    We designed a clear direction and focus for the campaign that would take °CRYO to a high-performance level in traffic, presence and sales. This is what we did:

    1. We examined the list of plugins, the structure of URLs, translated and implemented Thai content written by native speakers on the most important pages of the website
    2. Then we used Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to map the conversion tags across the whole site to measure the performance and identify the areas to optimize to generate more sales
    3. We removed the duplicated Google My Business listing, optimized their Google property by posting up to date contact information, implementing ideal tags and categories as well as POP content, to build local and topical relevance to get more traffic, inquiries, messages, calls and sales
    4. We focused on obtaining high-quality, relevant backlinks, content marketing and optimizing the on-page to achieve top rankings on Google for the targeted keywords, to drive targeted, organic traffic – bringing CRYO an excellent return on their investment within the first months

    Through the Roof

    The results came in after just 3 months of starting the campaign – shooting the revenue of the company through the roof. Let’s check the numbers:

    • Organic Traffic: +585.45%
    • Paid Traffic: +100%
    • Goal Completion: +1,9750.00%
    • Goal Conversion Rate: +69.77%

    More traffic, more sales. As simple as that.


    Great Work, Very Professional and Great Value

    Marc, the Managing director at CRYO Bangkok

    “Thank you SEO Heroes. Great work, very professional and great value.

    They showed us that they truly care and understand our needs.

    It has been also great to have such professionals improve and grow our business so fast.

    Matteo puts love and his heart into his work which is something we really appreciate.

    Great business to work with”

    You can read the review here:


    Scale and Grow!

    Your business needs to be taking advantage of Google’s immense access to potential customers and leads. Relying on organic traffic isn’t a long-term solution if you want to really scale and grow your business. Remember, your first campaigns might not be as effective as you expect. It takes time to learn the process and modify your strategies based on the data in your analytics. Use the information above to get started.