Case Study

Damp Fabriek

Damp Fabriek is an English  company specialized in electric smoking. 

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1. Improve Ranking

2. Shopify Bound


3. On Page First


4. 50% Improvement in Sales


5. Best money ever spent


6. Get Started



Improve Ranking

Damp’s website was competing in a highly competitive niche, especially in the ecommerce space. Although their reputation was great locally, they lacked visibility online. Our main goal was to improve their rankings for their competitive keywords. Prior to our campaign, they were barely reaching page six for those keywords.

Website History

Shopify Bound

Running on Shopify, the client’s website was poorly optimized and performed poorly in the search results. They hadn’t worked with any SEO companies in the past nor had they taken it upon themselves to implement any SEO strategies. We were pleased to see so much room for improvement and potential growth. It was clear the site would need on-page optimization as well as increased authority.

Website Issues

  • Insufficient linking profile
  • Excessive loading times
  • No on-page SEO initiatives

Our Strategy

On Page First

Since the client never had keyword research done in the past, we started there. We wanted to build a strong foundation in preparation for link building initiatives. So, our initial focus was on on-page optimization. We eliminated the duplicate and wordy meta titles, fixed all broken links, and fixed all broken images. Doing so increased their consistency and authority. Once we got the basics corrected, we focused on building well-balanced links. Then, we worked on creating a list of branded anchor text links every month to prepare for the more aggressive next stage. As expected, using keyword anchor texts elevated the most competitive keywords to the top of the rankings where they continue to stay today.


The Results

50% Improvement in Sales

Six months after the campaign began, Damp experienced an increase of 50% in sales and an increase of 167% in organic traffic.



Best money ever spent

Review from Marco, one of Damp’s founders:

“Best money ever spent. Our onsite visits, conversions, and sales went up in a very short time. If there is a problem or you need advice, you always get helped in no time. If you are looking for professionals then they are the ONES!!!”

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Ready to get Started

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