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1. Improve Visibility


2. Duplicate Pages


3. Google My Business Features


4. Revenue Increase


5. This is The Kind of Company You Want to Hire


6. Scale and Grow



Brand Awareness and Sales

As one of the best Italian restaurants in Thong Lor, Bangkok, Divino has built quite a local following. But, after years of ineffective, old fashioned marketing, Divino was ready for a change. With an ongoing increase in competition, the owner needed to garner more sales and increase online brand awareness. The major focus in the short term was to drive paid and organic traffic from Google Ads and Google My Business to gain the maximum online visibility near his location.


Website History

Wrong Name, Address, Phone Number

Divino’s website was running under poor hosting resources; the site was not fully responsive and there were several errors at coding level that were holding back conversions and the overall user experience. It was clear that the site had lots of areas to improve and was struggling with organic traffic. The restaurant had several locations on Google Maps pointing to wrong addresses and wrong mobile numbers. Often, new customers would struggle to find the correct location. Because of this, the business was losing sales.

Website Issues

  • Hosting plan under-performing
  • Issues with page loading
  • Issues with Google Maps
  • Conversion rate issues

Our Strategy

Strong ROI

Working with the client, we removed duplicate content across Google Maps and reinforced thin content. We increased the number of pages, adding content in Thai, Japanese, and Chinese.

We expanded the site’s menu, improved the navigation, and prepared the site for pay per click campaigns.

By focusing on Google Maps, SEO optimization, and pay per click campaigns, we ensured the client they were getting a strong return on investment. With this motivation, we were able to pursue visibility for highly competitive keywords due to our achieved increase in the authority of both their Google My Business listing and their website.


The Results

Thong Lor Top Performing Restaurant

Six months after the campaign began, the client’s organic traffic increased by 320% and their conversion rate increased by over 600%.

 As a result, Divino is again one of the top-performing restaurants in Thong Lor.

 They’re now able to expand their operations into another vertical with confidence and continue scaling their business.



Awesome Team to Work With

Review from Roberto, owner of Divino:

“Awesome team to work with!!! They not only understand what our restaurant needs, but they were always keen to help. They have brought our business back on track and now we’re able to grow our revenue again.”

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Ready to get Started

Scale and Grow!

Your business needs to be taking advantage of Google’s immense access to potential customers and leads. Relying on organic traffic isn’t a long-term solution if you want to really scale and grow your business. Remember, your first campaigns might not be as effective as you expect. It takes time to learn the process and modify your strategies based on the data in your analytics. Use the information above to get started.

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