Case Study

Foton Motor

Local SEO Case Study in the Automotive Niche.

How were able to rank on Google Page #1, Spot #1 in one the most competitive niche, targeting high commercial intent keywords in Thai & English.

Foton Motor Group was established on August 28, 1996 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. With a business scope covering a full series of commercial vehicles including medium and heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, vans, pickups buses, and construction machinery vehicle and an accumulative production and sales volume of approximate 9,000,000 vehicles. Foton Motor Brand value has been evaluated as about US$ 16.6 billion, ranking NO. 1 for 13 consecutive years in China commercial vehicle field.

Table of Content:


1. Increasing Website Ranking


2. No SEO Strategies


3. Strong Keyword and Backlinks


4. Top Ranking Stability


5. They’re Always Available


6. Scale and Grow



Increasing Website Ranking

This client was already successful in the automotive industry prior to our work with them. Since their reputation was so strong, it was a surprise to see that their online visibility was lower than their competitors. The goal of our campaign was to increase their website’s ranking for the most relevant automotive keywords in both Thai and English. 


Website History

No SEO Strategies

Prior to our involvement, the client’s website had no SEO strategies and was far from page one on Google. Although they had worked with an SEO agency in the past, they had not provided substantial or successful efforts. We found lots of room for improvement and growth in their SEO strategies and a need for more authoritative linking. Their main issues were underdeveloping linking, on-page issues, and issues with their Google listing.


Our Strategy

Strong Keyword and Backlinks

We began our efforts with strong keyword research. Then, we addressed their link building issues. Following those two priorities, we worked on duplicate and lengthy meta titles and fixed all broken internal links and 404 page errors. We ensured all meta descriptions were optimized and the overall site content was consistent. We had the ambitious goal of reaching third for the competitive keywords chosen. Through savvy anchor text distribution and linking tactics, we saw significant growth towards our goal. We acquired significant local and international authoritative links further increasing the growth.


The Results

Top Ranking Stability

Ultimately, we did reach third for our competitive keywords. After six months of continuous growth, we left our client with top-ranking stability and great visibility. Our goals were achieved and even surpassed.



They’re Always Available

Jason, Marketing Manager at Foton Thailand:

Thank you for the excellent work. I have been very impressed with the results we are getting. Matt has been great. He always follows through with what he says he’s going to do and is always available for our questions and concerns.

We can’t recommend working with SEO Heroes enough. Thanks so much!

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