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Grant Thornton

When you want to come down to the fifth largest professional services network, no other consulting and accounting member firms than Grant Thornton provide advisory services, assurances and tax to all sectors; be it a business privately owned, public sector and interest entities. This private company, according to reports, could be described as an international umbrella organization that is limited by guarantee. No share capital, and the company has its base rightfully sited in London, United Kingdom.

Also based on the reports gathered from this company, we’ve been able to find at least 130 countries where it operates, after checking its global revenue for the two years to be about $4.6 billion. They have close to 3000 firm partners and about 45, 000 firm personnel.

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1. Generate Traffic


2. 404 and 504


3. Full Website Audit


4. 700% Visibility


5. Absolute Pleasure


6. Get Started



Generate Traffic

As of now, the company’s main objective is to retrieve their website and generate more traffic both on Google page and This is why the company has shifted attention to core keywords such as “executive recruitment” and “executive search”.


Website History

404 and 504

When the project kickstarted, clients complained about several issues like page indexing, 404 and 504 errors which were affecting its ranking. Some of the site issues are highlighted below:

  • Low authority
  • Poor/shabby content
  • Technical fault on-site

Our Strategy

Full Website Audit

At the inception of the campaign, a full site audit was conducted. That included page titles, meta descriptions, site speed, internal linking structures, headings, and much more. The different issues were fixed, and the site was reloaded with proper and clean content.

Once the site was optimized for ranking, right from authoritative sites, link building strategies were put in place to get the needed authority from different sites. The progress was being monitored as momentum increased, and in no time, the site content began expanding and didn’t stop reaching out for links from all other authoritative sites.


The Results

700% Visibility

The first 4 months yielded almost 700% overall visibility in Google, and the traffic generated on a monthly basis went up to 6,623 sessions from 960. The campaign refused to relent, and its visibility increased to 64.76% of organic traffic from 26.31%.



Absolute Pleasure

Tom Sorensen, Ex Partner at Grant Thornton:

I was impressed by Matteo’s analysis of our web site. He discovered things that even our big corporate head office had failed to do. His recommendation to improve the listing on the search engines and how we could improve the web site text for an overall better performance.The regular follow up, his energy and commitment was an absolute pleasure. I have already suggested others in my network to seek Matteo’s valuable advice. 

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Ready to get Started

Scale and Grow!

Your business needs to be taking advantage of Google’s immense access to potential customers and leads. Relying on organic traffic isn’t a long-term solution if you want to really scale and grow your business. Remember, your first campaigns might not be as effective as you expect. It takes time to learn the process and modify your strategies based on the data in your analytics. Use the information above to get started.

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