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IDP Thailand

IDP (International Development Program) is a widely known education organization which offers student placement in New Zealand, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. With immense experience in higher education, IDP has close to 550 trained counselors and more than 80 offices. They have successfully offered close to 400,000 student placements. Furthermore, IDP partners with the renowned high stakes English language test- IELTs. Today, about 9000 organizations depend on IELTS, including governments for migration assessment, employers, professional registration bodies, and universities for admission. IELTS in Australia Pty Ltd has arms in 35 countries and covers a network of 200 IELTS test centers in these countries. 

Today, there are over 1000 IELTS test centers. IDP Australia also works with the British council for IELTS tests and the university of Cambridge ESOL examinations department.

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IDP Thailand


1. Improve Visibility

2. Duplicate Pages

3. Social + Natural

4. Six Digit Rising

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Improve Visibility

The objective of our campaign was to focus on increasing revenue generated from SEO. Through expert market research, keyword research, and on-page SEO, our goal was to boost organic traffic to the site. We aimed to improve visibility in all their service ranges and also gain visibility in wider audiences.


Duplicate Pages

From the start, the client’s website wasn’t enhanced for SEO conversion. In fact, we had duplicate pages across the site and page issues with internal links.

Some of the other issues included:

  • A lack of social presence
  • Technical on-site issues
  • Low authority links

While they had some consistent traffic, there was clearly tons of growth potential if SEO and SEM were made priorities.  


Social + Natural

We joined efforts with the client to remove duplicate content and add substance to thin content across the site. We also added metadata, reduced the numbed of duplicate pages, meta descriptions, and improved the site to prepare it for link building. We made use of a combination of natural link building and social link building from niche relevant bloggers with enhanced anchor text distributions. The goal of this was to gain quality links that would increase authority and expose the client to new audiences. For the campaign, our target was placed on the high commercial intent keywords. We hoped to get the return on investment for our client before going ahead to pursue more than 20 competitive keywords with a doubled budget.

Niche Authority

One would be pleasantly surprised with the results. Within only 6 months of the campaign, the revenue speedily increased by 986,96%. It’s presently rising above six digits each month. In the last 4 months, we have been able to increase the number of clicks from Google search results. It has increased to 25,300 clicks from 14,476.

This is The Kind of Company You Want to Hire

Pathunyu Yimsomruay, Regional Digital Ambassador South East Asia at IDP Education

I just have to say, this company realy knows what their talking about. I appreciate their straight-forwardness, results achieved and advices. This is the kind of company you want to hire, Integrity is really important in this line of work. Thank You


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