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Prestige Car Rental

Prestige Car Rental is a business based in Bangkok that specializes in sports car rentals. They offer clients exotic cars which enable them to drive wherever they want to go. At Prestige, clients can rent sports cars such as Porsche Cayman, Lamborghini Performante, Mercedes-Benz SLK 50 Convertible, as well as other exotic cars which are available for rent at very reasonable prices.

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1. High Converting Website


2. Totally New


3. Turnkey Built & Design


4. 650% Increase in Revenue


5. Best Results Possible


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High Converting Website

The client desired a brand-new, high converting, and responsive website which would be able to rank for several allocations. The goal would be to generate additional sales through the use of SEO and Google PPC AdWords campaigns. Ultimately, they wanted a website that garnered more organic and inorganic traffic as well as produced higher conversions.


Website History

Totally New

This company was a startup with no online booking or website platform. Our objective was to create the infrastructure from the ground up to successfully run their business online and effectively garner new customers through an optimized site and with optimized Ads.


Our Strategy

Better UX & Quality Links

We designed a brand-new HTML website with a SEO/SEM marketing strategy which focused on:

  1. Implementing a rational user-path design aimed at increasing the rate of booking/goal conversions
  2. Ensuring an exceptional overall user experience throughout the website
  3. Building SEO & SEM strategies which surpassed the objectives that were set out in terms of company revenue, sales, and overall profits.

Using Google AdWords, we identified which of the high commercial keywords had the highest rate of conversion and then we pursued a blog outreach campaign to secure quality links (the company was featured on Bangkok Post Magazine). We achieved top ranking for more than fifteen competitive keywords on


The Results

Niche Authority

Three months after the commencement of the campaign, revenue had increased by 650% and was continually above 6 digits every month. When we started the campaign, the company was receiving 600+ users monthly and after the first 6 months, this number grew by 500%. Our client now receives approximately 3,000+ monthly sessions and their visibility on Google has increased considerably.



Best Results Possible

Andrea, CEO at Prestige Car Rental:

Matt has become a great partner in helping me grow my business through both SEO &SEM. He is extremely professional, attentive, and engaged in getting you the best results possible.

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Ready to get Started

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