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Spiceroads Cycling

In this new study case, we bring you our experience with SpiceRoads and how we were able to drastically increase their sales, bringing the conversion rate via Google Ad back to life again.

Since 1995, is one of the world’s leading services on bicycle rides, offering rides all over the world, covering several types of terrain and being available for all ages and levels of experience.

The company’s set of experiences is vast, from classic tours to epic cross-country voyages. Their main motto is “See the World Differently”, meaning they believe these adventures are for anyone who believes that immersing yourself in different cultures teaches you things you would never learn in a textbook.

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1. Gain Edge Over Competitors


2. Keyword Conflicts


3. Work as a Team


4. PPC Sales Revenue


5. knowledgeable partner for digital marketing


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Gain Edge Over Competitors

The company had as its main target to gain more edge over competitors via Google Ads. Their main focus to obtain clients was to get seen for multiple tours and multiple keywords, using a better precise targeting process on their top converting countries around the world.


Website History

Keyword Conflicts

The company had an unproductive experience of working with a couple of well-known digital marketing agencies in Thailand. Although they were spending a lot on Google Ads, the investment was not delivering the expected results.

When we got involved, things started to get back on track. After a quick audit, we have realized that the previous Google Ad campaign strategy had several keyword conflicts, and the website was not even showing up for its’ branded keywords, which led to a monthly impression share sitting at less than 10% impression.

What Were the Website Issues?

The SpiceRoads website, unfortunately, had several issues, such as:

  • Missing Google Tag manager installation
  • Missing goals tracking
  • Poor speed on inner pages
  • Poor Google Ad campaign set up

Our Strategy

Work as a Team

The first action we took was to approach the client to work as a team. It gave us the possibility to come up with a clear direction and focus for the campaign.

We started putting our efforts on performing in-depth keyword research, reverse engineering competitor’s websites, and creating multiple campaigns for each targeted region specifically.

Through proper keywords/budget management, we quickly began to restore their authority and deliver a great number of leads since the first month.

Our strategy from the beginning was to target high-commercial intent keyboards, and we did it.

We also provided SpiceRoads with multiple suggestions on how to improve speed, landing pages, and SEO to optimize their results.


The Results

PPC Sales Revenue

After just 3 months using our campaign strategy, SpiceRoads PPC sales revenue increased by 24.35%, compared with their results from the previous year.

As an obvious result of continual optimization, we achieved numbers such as:

  • Paid Traffic up +65%
  • +43% Click Through Rate
  • +35% Google Ads conversions
  • -40% Cost per Acquisition
  • -25% Cost per Click
  • -15% reduction in bounce rate

As you can see, SpiceRoads never experienced such results before, but we delivered it to them.



knowledgeable partner for digital marketing

Daniel, Managing Director at SpiceRoads

We can proudly state than more than clients, we ended up developing a friendship with the SpiceRoads team. After a hard work process to meet their expectations, we finally delivered the results they needed so much.

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