Case Study


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Rank for Multiple Keywords

This client aspired to rank highly for multiple Thai keywords related to cash card services. Ideally, these keywords would boost the traffic to their core product pages. Their competitors included industry giants like Kasikorn Bank and other long-established banks in Thailand.

Website History

Missing Key Elements

The client’s website had some SEO strategies in place but were missing many key elements. We spent time analyzing the areas they could improve. Their main issues included on-page issues, low authority linking, and unbalanced anchor texts.

Our Strategy

Link Building Campaign

The client’s poor linking profile was significantly holding their ranking back. To start, we analyzed their backlink profile and removed any spam or links with low value. Then, we began a link building campaign that targeted inner pages and landing pages that used our competitive keywords in Thai. We established over 80 high-quality and highly relevant backlinks.

The Results

Page One within 6 Months

Our link building campaign skyrocketed their six highest volume keywords to page one, all within six months. The site metrics showed that we correctly targeted their ideal traffic and generated keywords that converted traffic and increased revenue.

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