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1. Scaling and Maintain


2. Start From Scratch


3. All Rounder


4. 2,691.87% of Organic Traffic


5. Top Notch Experts


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Scaling and Maintain

As an international media buying service for promoting YouTube videos, Veedoo was an in-demand service. Despite their viral exposure, this market had proven to be highly competitive. They wanted to continue scaling and maintain momentum but needed an online solution to keep up with their foreseeable growth.


Website History

Start From Scratch

Prior to our involvement, Veedoo hadn’t done at keyword research or worked with any SEO services. They had a basic opt-in page for lead capturing. There also wasn’t any content ready to publish.


Our Strategy

All Rounder

By working with the client as a team, we came up with a clear direction and focus for the campaign. We began by performing in-depth keyword research and created content in three different languages (English, French, and Italian). As we built the platform from the ground up, we focused on improving their conversion rate. We happily took control of the content creation, SEO, and CRO.

Through the use of social signals on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as natural link building from relevant blogs within their niche, we began to restore their authority. We optimized the anchor text distributions and focused on only gaining highly relevant backlines to avoid penalization and loss of authority.

From the beginning, we targeted high-volume keywords. We created niche-focused content as well as interlinking by posting four posts per month of 1500-2000 words each.


The Results

2,691.87% of Organic Traffic

After six months of starting the campaign, Veedoo’s organic traffic increased by 2,691.87% and their conversion rate increased by more than 22%.

They are now in the position to expand their operations and move their focus to other target markets.



Top Notch Experts

Review from Mickey, one of Veedoo’s founders :

“Top notch experts. Our revenue keeps growing month by month and we couldn’t ask for more. These guys are the best at really optimizing every single aspect of our business and over. We’re amazed.”

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Ready to get Started

Scale and Grow!

Your business needs to be taking advantage of Google’s immense access to potential customers and leads. Relying on organic traffic isn’t a long-term solution if you want to really scale and grow your business. Remember, your first campaigns might not be as effective as you expect. It takes time to learn the process and modify your strategies based on the data in your analytics. Use the information above to get started.

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