How Long Does it Take for Search Engine Optimization to Work?

The results of an SEO plan depends on more than 200 factors including the quality of content created for SEO and the significance to the audience of the content created. Large sites often see results quicker than smaller sites because of the difference in crawling frequency.

Why Do Some Websites Require Extra Elements to Impact Rankings?

There are certain factors that influence the rankings and approvals of websites. When a search engine database runs a spider-check (i.e. a computer-operated program used to inspect every website) on websites, it is more likely to give anhigher ranking to the websites that show the presence of certain elements than those that do not.

How Do I Set an SEO Goal?

TheSEO Goal is not determined by the number of visits to your website, but rather by the quality of those visits. It is essential that you attract potential buyers or sponsors to your website. User experience and on page/off page quality SEO play a major role here.

How Costly is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO plans and strategies differ from business to business. Our organization offers tailor-made SEO plans according to the needs of the client. Contact us today for a Free SEO consultation. If you are based in Bangkok, let’s discuss it over the coffee!

How Long Does it Take for Search Engine Campaigns to Deliver Results?

There is no time frame in particular. A number of factors affect the ranking of a website on search engines. Factors such as the age of the website, industry base, competitors, etc. highly influence the success of your website with your target audience. The best strategy is always to begin each SEO campaign with a detailed plan and an optimized website.

How Can a Top Ranking Position on a Search Engine Be Maintained?

It would be a mistake to expect your website to stay at number 1 after running only one successful search engine optimization campaign. The ebbs and flows of search engine rankings are unpredictable, therefore it is imperative that you let professionals like us run monthly SEO campaigns for you.

Do All Search Engines Work the Same?

This is a widely accepted misconception. In reality, every search engine differs from its contemporaries. With the increasing differences in businesses, every search engine uses their unique edges as their top selling points that make them different.

Why Do Some Websites Get Rejected By Search Engines?

Search engine rankings are uncertain. A majority of search engines only approve websites that they are certain will bring them increased profit. They can refuse the website(s) for virtually any reason without having to give an explanation. Let our professional team create a campaign that increases the chances of your websites being approved.

Do Meta Descriptions Still Matter?

For those who do not know, a meta description is a brief yet informative text that is seen below your page in the search engine results. This description is an essential part of explaining the content of your page. For us, meta descriptions do still matter—just not in the same way they used to. Unlike before, it is now essential for a meta description to consist of compelling text that urges the reader to open and stay on your page.

What is the Robots.txt?

This is a page that acts as a source of information for the search engine. It tells the search engine the number of pages a company/business would like to have indexed or crawled.

What is the Sitemap.xml?

This is a file that can be viewed as an index of a website by listing all pages of the website. It acts as a quick reference for search engines to view the content to be indexed.

What is a Directory?

A directory is similar to a search engine, only with a few tweaks. For starters, a directory tends to employ editors to actually review and rank every single website submitted to their database. Directories sort their work by dividing and listing the different websites into varied categories ranging from Business and Economics to Arts and Culture. Some directories require you to make a payment before your website is reviewed by editors.

Can’t I Do This Work By Myself and Save My Money?

Today as Today, SEO is not an easy task. Keep in mind that any mistake in the optimization it can take weeks or even months to be fixed. Our team consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, which helps us provide you with nothing short of the best.

How much does your website cost?

Giving one definitive answer would be impossible, because the price is influenced by several factors. For instance: number of pages, functionality of the website, etc. As a rule of thumb, you should run away from any web designer or developer who gives you a price without listening to what you need. That’s a major red flag. Your project is unique, that’s why we are ready to listen to you, take note of what you need and based on that, give you a price. Everything is 100% customized.

That’s the answer in a nutshell, but let’s take a deeper look in order to dissipate your doubts. Or even better, give us a quick phone call right now and we will be more than pleased to help you. In order to give you a price we will ask some questions regarding the site’s nature, the functions you want to integrate, the kind of style you want, the interactivity aspects of the site, etc. Based on your responses, we will give you a price.

If you are interested after the quick and free phone consultation, we will go to your business and come up with a fixed quote. Again: if a web developer gives you a price right off the bat, then you should start running now! Let’s suppose you want to buy a car and the seller tells you a price right off the bat without taking into account what kind of car you want. That’d be a red flag, right? The same happens with web design and development. In order to bring you that perfect car or website, both the car seller and web design agency will need details on what you are looking for.

We give you a price that goes according to your needs, and here you have a quick recap: 1. Size of the website 2. Functionality and interactivity 3. Design complexity 4. Digital marketing 5. Copywriting and content creation 6. Etc. We are ready to listen to you and find out what you really need! Based on that, we will offer you the perfect solution for your business. That’s why you just need to call and we will take care of the rest ?

What happen if I ask for a quote?

The very first thing we would do is to talk to you on the phone, or if you prefer, discuss the details of your project by email. You choose. After listening to you and learning more about your business and what you require, we can give you a 100% customized quote for designing your website and bringing your ideas to reality. If you find the quote acceptable, then next thing we would do is to present a formal specification document for you to review. Once it has been approved, we will take an initial deposit of 50% of the agreed quote and start working on your website.

Do You Offer Customization to Existing Themes?

Absolutely! Our team has WordPress specialists at your disposal with several years of experience customizing a wide myriad of themes, and yes, we’d love to help you! We’ve been doing it this work years, from installing any WordPress theme to implementing the most daring and complex customization. And yes, that includes plugins as well. For all things WordPress, Seo Heroes Bangkok is your best choice because our team of WP experts can work with any type of theme: StudioPress, Divi, Genesis and more. Remember that all of our all-inclusive web design projects include SEO, help with your marketing campaign and content, as well as copywriting for a high-conversion website. The website we create for you is not only crafted to look great, but to actually convert your visitors into clients and make you money, that’s it.

Will I Have a Say in the Graphic Design Process?

Totally, your opinion is crucial. If you want us to take inspiration from the design style of other website, you just need to mention it and we will do that. If you want us to take into account a certain logo, then let us know and we will make it happen. In short: we will make sure to make your website represents the essence and message of your brand. Your input is always welcome, and we will always be there to listen to you.

Can You Redesign an Existing Website?

If you feel like your current website is not performing very well, then it may be time for a complete makeover. And yes, we can do that for you. We can handle it all, be it a small fix or a complete renovation of your website, so it can start delivering the results you’re seeking. We will provide you with a complete analysis in order to find the weak points of your website and see where we can improve, because our goal is your total satisfaction.

How Long Will It Take to Design and Develop My Website?

Similarly to the case of price, it is hard to tell right off the bat because it depends on what your requirements are. For instance, a small site can take just 4 weeks to complete, where as a large and more complicate website can take up to three months. A big e-commerce website with a high degree of functionality and interactivity will take longer than a simpler site. The delivery date will be based on the complexity, size of the website, blog posts and other factors. But worry not, because in the 99.9% of cases the deliver is much faster than expected ?

Can I Update My Website After Launch?

One of the most important advantages of WordPress is that it is very easy to use. With every website we build, we also include 1 hour of WordPress training, so you can learn how to update your website, add pages, write blog posts and more. But in case you don’t want to take care of maintenance, then we can bring you that service as well. Updating and maintaining are mandatory for keeping a strong presence online and attracting more organic traffic.

Are Your Websites Search Engine Friendly?

Absolutely, because our Digital Agency has team members not solely composed of WP developers and designers, but also by experts on search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, each website is designed and developed with SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization) in mind, so you can rank and convert that traffic into clients. In order to track everything, we will also install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool on each website, so you can check the evolution of your website.

Do You Offer Copywriting and Photography Services?

If you need translations, copywriting, photography and video services (and any other creative service), then just let us know! We have a team capable of offering you such services at the best price.

Am I The Owner Of My Website?

The website belongs to you. Everything we create and set-up is yours, 100% guaranteed. Although, most of our clients stay with us in order to bring maintenance to their website, as well as working on the marketing (PPC, SEO, etc.). But in case you want to switch it to another hosting service, or even get another company to bring maintenance to it, then just let us know and we will help you with the transition. The website is 100% yours, so you are free to make all the important decisions.

Do You Provide Web Hosting Services?

No, and unless you’ve verified the hosting provider yourself you should be aware of companies who claim to do so. In order to bring a high-quality web hosting service, one must have giant data centers supported by 100+ of employees and a 24-hour security team.

Most of the time, when a company claims they offer the service, they are just arbitraging and selling you a hosting plan from another company. In case you face any web hosting related problem, you will have to contact the web design company, so that they can contact the hosting company.

As you can easily guess, it is a huge waste of time. Moreover, they also control the server that is hosting your website, which is another disadvantage. On the other hand, here at SEO Heroes Bangkok, we attend to your needs and suggest the best hosting plans for your website. You will pay the cost directly, and yes, you will also have 24-7 access to support and total ownership of your website.

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