What is Google post and why you need to use them


Today, more than ever, the world of the web is an integral part of consumer behavior as business strategies. Digital channels have become essential to the research phase, order finalization, and sending requests for a large number of buyers. And to obtain maximum visibility with Internet users, it is the referencing tool that establishments use, such as the Google My Business Post!

Many SEO solutions allow brands to develop effective digital marketing strategies to conquer the first positions of Internet user queries on search engines. Among the coveted objectives: to land a prominent place on the first page of Google.

If the creation of a Google My Business listing is among the first efforts implemented by brands as soon as they launch their digital strategy, the Google Post is an often overlooked feature. In this article, we explain, step by step, how this free option offered by the giant American works, its impact on your local SEO, and the best practices to adopt to convert it into a source of online differentiation!

What is Google Post?

Google Post started in 2016 by the American giant. Initially invented under the name of Candidate Posts, they first allowed political candidates to share posts that were likely to be more easily searchable as soon as they were relevant for political research associated with the subject matter. Very quickly, the device was integrated into Google My Business service and served the referencing of companies.

From now on, any brand can publish an article via its GMB space. This practice helps increase the visibility of your brand among Google Search and Maps search results. It comes in the form of items like those you may have read on social media or a blog that you follow.

Offered for free, the Google Post is straightforward to use, as we will see. It allows you to attract more and more new prospects quickly and retain your customer base thanks to the regular sharing of relevant information (announcement of discounts, promotions, sales, change of offer, or even specific events).

Google Posts: operation and use cases

To create a Google post, you will need to go to your Google My Business account. If you have not yet created your establishment page, you will need to do so before you can continue publishing your first article!

By creating your GMB space, you boost your visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. Internet users are more likely to find you when searching for information on Google, but also during a local search when they want to discover establishments located near their location.

Google Posts use case

It is, therefore, via your GMB space that you will be able to publish your Google Posts. Before getting into the operation, you will need to think about the type of post you want to share. You will have the choice between 5 possibilities:

  • New products: they allow you to publicize your brand’s news. Thus, you can highlight the launch of a new offer or the improvement of your services. You can also share a highlight related to your establishments, such as a new partnership with another brand or a fundraiser.
  • If your brand organizes events, it will be able to use this type of Google Post to promote them. Whether your event is a business conference, a company breakfast, or an open house, all means will be useful to ensure a positive presence on the web!
  • An offer: do you have any suggestions or promotions to share on Google? You can promote them through these types of posts and thus arouse your customers’ curiosity while attracting the attention of prospects.
  • A product: if you want to give more visibility to your brand’s product or service, this type of publication is ideal for achieving your goal! In this way, consumers have direct and concrete access to your online offer.
  • COVID-19 updates: because the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to be rife since March 2020 across the world, Google My Business allows establishments to share the hygiene measures to protect their customers and will enable them to go to points of sale safely using a specific type of item. Do not hesitate to regularly share your initiatives with your target to give them confidence.

And the usefulness of Google Posts is not limited to the simple sharing of one-off events, on the contrary! For your customers, this is a real plus daily. Google Posts allow your customers to book and then order directly via the GMB interface by sharing links to your site.

Creation and characteristics of a Google post

A Google Post consists of essential elements like any article shared on a blog or any other site: a title, a text, and an image if you wish. However, on Google, your establishment will have to respect a few specific rules:

  • Your claim should not exceed 58 characters
  • Your description should be between 100 and 1500 characters
  • The publication time of your Google Post can range from a few hours to a maximum of a year.
  • If you want to incorporate text into your images or photos (which can be of any format or size), be sure to place it in the middle of each element so that it is fully visible.

Also, your Google Post may include buttons leading to a URL defined by you. Here are the five headings you can use to benefit from useful buttons:

  • Learn more
  • Reserve
  • Registration
  • Buy
  • Take advantage

Why use Google Post for your Google My Business listing?

Using Google Posts allows you to increase your Local Rankings, exciting, and relevant business listing. Your customers and prospects will be satisfied that they can easily track your activity and act quickly by reserving or purchasing your products based on your ads.

Feeding your GMB space with posts is an effective way for your business to advertise itself for free on Google Search and purely local SEO with Google Maps. Thus, your brand obtains greater visibility on the web as it converts a maximum of Internet users interested and captured by natural referencing into satisfied customers likely to buy again.

In conclusion

due to the fact that this approach requires long-term optimization work, our SEO and e-reputation specialists offer our support! Thanks to our personalized support, you can create an SEO optimized GMB file.

Throughout our collaboration, we are at your side to provide you with essential tips and best practices that will allow you to publish relevant and eye-catching Google Posts independently!

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