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“Forget About Traffic? Are You Serious?”

What are you talking about?

That is the first impression many persons get, but the reality is that so many are fixed on getting as much traffic as possible, but let me ask you something very important: are you in for earning money or for generating outrageous amounts of traffic?

Let’s forget about it for a moment and let’s focus on what really matters: the conversions you are getting from the traffic your website is receiving.

The conversions are the concrete actions – buying, hiring, signing up, etc. – you want your users to take, but for the sake of this article, we are going to talk about conversions in the sense of turning visitors into clients/sales.

This article will show you everything about CRO, starting from the basics until dwelling in the most complex aspects of it, so you can understand why it is an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy and what you can do to improve it, in case it is too low.

Learn and enjoy thanks to SEO Heroes 😉

What is A Conversion? – Simple Terms:

Simply put: a visitor completing a designated goal. As you can easily guess, goals can vary, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on purchases and/or client acquisition.

The goals can also be signing up for your newsletter, filling out a form, filling a survey, etc. Therefore, the CRO process will differ depending on the goal to complete.

Now that you know what a conversion is, let’s look into the rest of the article.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

In simple terms: improving your actual conversion rate.

Let’s say that your website receives a total of 50,000 visits per month, and from all of these visits, you are getting between 1000-1200 sales monthly. That equals to a 2-2.4% conversion rate.

What CRO does is to take that current rate as high as possible, by analyzing the behavior of your customers, studying the buying process, testing the different elements of your web (images, copy, navigation, checkout process, etc.) and finally coming out with adjustments.

You also need to factor elements like your website speed, but we will talk about all of these elements in the corresponding section.

Now that the purpose of this section has been complete, because you have a clear and straight to the point notion of what CRO is, let’s continue this fantastic and profitable learning experience 😉


What Elements Are Influencing Your Conversion Rate?

What is influencing you current results and what can you do to improve this scenario?

Simply put, the biggest and most important elements that affect is are the user experience (UX) and your website persuasion (copy). We can divide them into smaller ones, but for the sake of having a clear overview, let’s leave it there.

We will talk about each one of them in this same section.

User Experience:

If your site does not bring a good experience to your visitors, then you can bet on it that your conversion rate will be terrible.

That is why it is one of the most important blocks, because if your website is slow, the navigation is confusing, your call to actions are not clear and the appearance of your site is unappealing, then you have the perfect combination for a disaster. It won’t matter how much targeted traffic you send, because the terrible UX will put them off.

Your website is up for solving your visitors’ needs. A great UX experience makes it easy for them to get what they are looking for, and overall, bringing them a good time using your site. That’s the end goal of UX, and if you don’t fulfill it, then your conversion rate will be bad, pretty bad.

Are UX and User Interface the same thing?

Of course, and even though people use them interchangeably, UX and UI are different terms.

UX is all about improving your customers’ experience when using your site, maximizing satisfaction and pleasure.

UI is more focused on the typography and colors. It is the part focused on styling the elements of your web, whereas UX, will take care of placing them strategically for improving the experience of your users.

When working on improving your CRO, you need to take care of both, because there cannot be an optimal user experience if the UI is weak. Keep that in mind, and that is why any expert or consultant will address these issues right off the bat.


This is the copy you use in your website, be it on the pages of your products, on a concrete sales pages for selling your services/products, call to actions, etc.

If you cannot persuade your visitors to complete the goal, then you will have a very low CR that will hurt your business. Therefore, it is important to work on this aspect as well.

Surprisingly not, persuasion and UX go hand to hand, because you need to bring them a good and nice experience so they can be prone to be persuaded, because if the experience is bad, then they will quit before they dare to read your copy.

Again, any CRO professional will work on the copy as well, because if it is not converting well, then it is because you are not addressing the pain points correctly, you are not speaking to people in their language, you are not highlighting the right benefits, etc. There are many problems, but they all can be solved.


Now you have a clear overview on the elements that come into play. It is time to talk about other crucial aspects that have to do with CRO, so you can learn how it can take your business to the next level.

How Website Visitor Behavior Differs Between Desktop and Mobile?

It is also crucial to understand that the desktop and mobile visitors will have a different behavior on your website.

When optimizing your site for conversions, it is very important to take into account the differences, and here you have them:

Activity During the Day:

The peaks of traffic from table and smartphone visitors happen during the morning and the evening. On the other hand, desktop traffic peaks during work hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This is important information, because you can run different tests depending on the hour of the day, something that an advanced CRO campaign will take into account.

Time on Page:

In a nutshell: mobile visitors are more impatient than desktop ones.

That is why it is important to make your website as fast as possible, because a slight delay in loading time can cause many users to leave. Furthermore, you should know that 46% of mobile users would never return to your site if they experience any kind of problem when accessing it.

Nonetheless, try to make your site load in less than 3 seconds, because that will bring you an edge, because you will please the vast majority of your visitors. Bring them a good experience from the start, that’s crucial for your success in the online space.

Receptiveness and Age:

Surprisingly not, mobile users are younger and more receptive than desktop visitors are.

Branded content has a special and powerful impact in mobile visitors, because they are more receptive and open. Therefore, it is crucial to work on your branding, so you can stand out from the rest.


It is important to take into account that visitors prefer to research on mobile and buy using their desktop computers.

Many users begin their research using a smartphone or tablet, but they finish the transaction on their desktop.

Keep this into account, because it can be relevant when crafting your CRO strategy.

You Must Test Them Separately:

Due to these differences, what works for mobile might not work for desktop. Therefore, it is essential to run separate tests to find out what works for each kind of audience.

The mobile user is usually on the go, waiting in line and its attention span is much lower than the desktop user. People using mobile devices hate typing, something that does not happen with desktop visitors.

All in all, the users are different and you need to test them separately for obtaining clear and convincing results.

Furthermore, you can even narrow down your mobile traffic, but not all of it is equal. For instance, you have two major OS: Android and iOS.

Did you know that 78% of all purchased done in mobile are done on iPhones? That is important information, because it allows you to see that iPhone users spend more money. Furthermore, we can narrow down even more, because as Android devices are cheaper, people with lower income can obtain them. However, as iPhones are much more expensive, they are mostly owned by richer people. This can help you to define your demographics better.

In conclusion, take this into account when setting up your tests, because you can obtain surprising results, and furthermore, these smaller tests targeting only one kind of device are faster to set up, and therefore, you will obtain data much faster.

Why Should You Invest in CRO?

The answer is evident: it will make you earn more from what you already have.

If you are already generating a good stream of targeted traffic and your conversions are barely acceptable, then you don’t need to generate more traffic, instead you need to focus on maximizing your results with what you already have.

It Will Help You to Achieve Your ROI Goals:

Struggling to meet your ROI goals for your digital marketing campaign? Then CRO is the medicine you need to take ASAP.

You are great at generating traffic, and you are getting results, but you are not generating a positive surplus, to the contrary, you are losing money. That’s when CRO chimes in as the perfect solution, because it will make you earn more from what you have already accomplished.

If you are struggling, then you know what you need to invest in, because it can be the salvation of your business.

Your Business Needs It To Grow:

If you are not converting your traffic in sales and clients, then it will be impossible for your business to grow.

You need more profits to fuel your online growth, because as you can easily tell, digital marketing is not “cheap”, but if it brings you results, then it will make sense, especially if the ROI is attractive.

It is all about generating the maximum return possible from your investment, and this will allow your business to expand online, because you can re-invest your returns into digital marketing.

Therefore, if you are serious about online growth and expansion, then it is time to pay more attention to CRO, because it may be the missing piece of your online success.

Discover More About Your Customers:

Thanks to the tracking, analysis and testing practices of CRO, you will get to know your customers much better.

By using the research to create hypothesis that then are put to practice with CRO, you will be able to find out the real traits and behaviors of your customers, and that is priceless, because it will open a completely new world for your business.

This is an important reason to work with a real CRO professional, because your results will depend on how detailed, careful and complete your research is. Furthermore, such professional also needs to create the “right” hypothesis so they can be tested and find out what works and what does not.

Therefore, if you want to discover the truths of your audiences, and therefore come up with new ideas on what to offer them, what new angles you can try and many other things, then you need to invest in CRO.

Discover New Opportunities:

By testing new things based on your research, and discovering more about your audience, then it will be easier for you to find new opportunities you can exploit.

That is the power of CRO: it will make you more money and bring you tons of relevant and precious data that you can use to make even more money.

You can even expand to new markets, launch new products and venturing into a wide myriad of different profitable opportunities.

Furthermore, this will also allow to keep an edge over your competition, because if you can understand your customers better and deliver an optimal user experience, then you will become their first choice. In these competitive times, you cannot afford to be average, you need to be one step ahead.


As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in CRO today. Yes, it all comes down to making more profits, but as you can see, it has different facets that are exciting for any business owner.

What Are The Best Practices to Optimize You Site for Conversions?

Now, it is time to see how you can bring the magic of CRO to your site, and as you are going to see, these techniques and tactics are very powerful.

Is Your Offer Good Enough?

Instead of focusing on the little details, it is better to start off by putting attention on the bigger picture, in this case your offer. Is it good enough or does it plainly suck?

So… how can you make your offer good for your audience? What is the trick?

Many times, the problem is not the design or the user experience, it is your offer that needs to be changed in order to improve your conversions. If that is your case, then you need to take action ASAP.

These are the most important elements that your offer must meet:

  • Your entire market must understand it
  • Highlight the benefits
  • Your offer must be branded
  • Address pain points and bring a solution
  • Your offer must be easy to promote
  • It must not depend on a certain event or trend.

If your offer does not meet all of these points, or even worse if it does not meet any, then you need to completely change your offer, because that is the root of your problems, not your CTAs, page design, etc.

Make Your Headlines As Clear As Crystal:

The more specific you can be, the better.

People don’t want to bother with complex headlines, they want something simple, basic and straight to the point, and this is exactly what you need to do.

If you have noticed that your conversions are low, yet your offer is good and everything else is checked, then you should audit your headlines to find out what’s not working properly.

Genuinely ask yourself if your headlines are either too boring, broad or common. You need to deliver facts in a smooth and nice manner, that’s how you will sell more.

Social Proof Is Key:

If you can show your visitors that you have a large and solid social media following, then you will gain trust in their eyes, and this will result in more conversions for your business.

However, social proof extends beyond that, as it also includes testimonials from satisfied customers, press mentions, etc. Anything that shows that people follow and trust you, because that will score you many points.

If you want a quick trick to boost your credibility, and thereby your conversions, then include testimonials with real photos of your customers. This simple “hack” works wonderfully well, so give it a shot.

Improve Your Customer Support Game:

If you are into e-commerce, then chances are your customers will have many questions before concreting a purchase, so they will need fast and clear answers.

That is why it is an amazing idea to add a live chat box in your website, so you can assist them fast and efficiently.

This little hack will get you far, because when users get their doubts and questions solved quickly, you can close far more sales than you currently do. Don’t let your customers wondering, answer their questions and increase your conversion rate, as easy as that.

You should also pay attention to your social CRM, because many customers will use Twitter and Facebook to contact you, and yes, they want fast answers. Regarding FB, you can rely on chat bots as well, as they have proven to be pretty effective for e-commerce and other businesses.

You should also considering implementing a knowledge base, because there are times when customers don’t really want to talk, and instead, they prefer to solve their questions and doubts on their own. Therefore, a self-service knowledge base will help tremendously in this aspect, and yes, this will have an effect in your current conversion rate.

Time to Improve your Checkout Page:

If you are into e-commerce, or in fact any kind of online business, then you need to know how important it is to have a proper and optimized check out page.

In your funnel, it is one of the most crucial steps, because if it is not at its best, then your results will reflect the consequences: many abandonments and a poor conversion rate.

One of the best examples on how to optimize a checkout page is Amazon, so you should check out what they do. They clearly tell their customers the free shipping terms along with other relevant information, so they can shop with confidence, knowing exactly what they will get.

You need to be as clear as crystal with the shipping cost, because it can be a huge turn off when checking out to get confronted with confusing and “surprising” shipping terms. Tackle down this problem as soon as possible.

You can run A/B tests with your checkout page as well, testing different sizes of forms, the number of steps, the colors you use in the background and for the form, etc.

Run A/B Tests:

One of the most powerful weapons in the CRO arsenal. However, it is important to note that A/B testing is only a part of CRO and not it all, remember it.

However, before running an A/B test, you need to research your audience and their behavior on their site, so you can elaborate your hypothesis and put them to practice.

It can include changing the color of your CTAs, testing two different headlines, include a testimonial in the beginning of the sales pages versus at the end, etc.

These tests are incredibly powerful when run properly, because they will allow you to know with certain what works and what does not, which is essential for optimizing your website for conversions.


Can You Do It Yourself or Should You Hire a CRO Expert?

That is the question: should you do it on your own or hire an experienced professional?

You COULD do it on your own and you might get good results, but there is nothing better than working with a professional with plenty of experience, especially in your industry.

Do You Have The Time?

If you have read the entire article, then you will have noticed that there are many things to take into account when optimizing your site for conversions. So many variables, so many tests to run… do you really have the time for that?

Do You Have the Tools?

There are many tools that must be used when setting up a CRO campaign. You need heatmaps to track your visitors’ behavior, you need proper analytics and a lot more, especially for split testing.

Unless you want to invest a lot of money into these tools, and passing through the difficult learning curve they come attached to, you are better off hiring a professional to take care of it.

Do You Have the Experience?

Experience can be extremely helpful, because it allows you to use all of that knowledge and practice in new projects. It allows you to make things faster and more effective, but chances are you don’t have it, because you haven’t not worked in the CRO field.

This is essential for setting up winning strategies and fixing all the mistakes in your websites that are plummeting conversions.

What do you prefer, spending your time throwing punches in the dark or hire an experienced CRO professional that will deliver results? The answer is clear.

Hire a Professional: Save Time and Get Better Results

You are smart enough to know what hiring a professional on the matter will save you time, money and bring you much better results.

Only contact us and we will take your conversion rate to new heights!

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now you have a clear and rich overview on what CRO is, what it implies and the advantages of investing into it and working with a real professional in the field.

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