Best Thank You Page

What Makes the Best Thank You Page?

Does your thank you page do the job that it needs to do? More often than not, thank you pages are just made as an afterthought. What people don’t realize is that these pages can actually do wonders if you want to nurture your leads and increase your sales. So, what does it really take to make your thank you page perfect? Now is the time for you to take advantage of your thank you page. To make it even better, you can work with a search engine optimization marketing agency that can create the best thank you pages for you!

Table of Content:

1. Why Do You Need a Thank You Page Anyway?

2. Key Elements of a Thank You Page

3. Common Types of Thank You Pages

Why Do You Need a Thank You Page Anyway?

Most website owners don’t think much about their thank you page and assume that it is only a confirmation that someone was able to complete a purchase or decided to opt in.

However, thank you pages actually mark a pivotal stage in the journey of a customer.

It can be the time when the visitor is no longer a mere casual reader but someone who has taken a keen interest on your offer.

It can also be the moment when the visitor is done with shopping around and decides to finally spend their money. This is when they stopped being just a prospect and turned into a paying customer.

Whatever it is, the visitor in your thank you page is already set and ready to proceed to the next step in the sales process.

This is why it is important for your thank you page to exploit this momentum. Failure to do so would make you lose your chances of making more earnings. 

Key Elements of a Thank You Page

While there are thank you pages that are only visible to new subscribers with some seen by returning or new customers, all thank you pages are expected to have the following three essential elements:

  1. Confirmation Page

Thank you pages must include a confirmation of the successful action of the user to ensure a good user experience and make the page serve its main purpose. This should be spelled out for them if you don’t want to leave them disoriented or confused. Be sure that you clearly state what happened as well as what they must expect to happen next as needed.

  1. Call to Action

After confirming the successful action of the customer and explaining what will happen now, you need to add a call to action to further boost your thank you page.

Using a very clear CTA can encourage users to proceed to the next step in the sales process. Most thank you pages tend to fall short here but adding it can make a big difference when it comes to your sales and conversions.

  1. Specific Instructions

Specific instructions on what the user should do next are the third element that a thank you page must have. Although there is a call to action already, users will only do what you want them to do if you specify what they should do in the first place and how they should do it. These instructions don’t have to be too long. What matters here is for you to be precise because the truth is that people actually require instructions.

Common Types of Thank You Pages

There are several types of highly effective thank you pages that you can use to move new customers and subscribers further along the sales funnel:

  1. After-Optin Thank You Page

Once someone has successfully opted in to your email list, the thank you page can be used to achieve any of the three primary goals. These include driving more traffic to the optin, starting to nurture leads, and acquiring customers immediately. This type of thank you page generates more leads, nurtures newly acquired leads, and generates a few initial sales.

There are different types of after opt-in thank you page you can try to use:

  • The Snowball Effect

In case you don’t know it, thank you pages can drive more optins. You can increase these optins if your thank you page is used for driving to your optin form. This can increase traffic that can further increase optins to create a powerful snowball effect. To do this, new subscribers can be invited to share to their friends your optin page. Social media sharing buttons can also be added to simplify everything for your users.

  • The Lead Nurturer

Thank you pages can be used to start the process of lead nurturing right away. Increasing touch points with your lead will also increase the chances that you can turn them into a customer. You can recommend posts on your blog related to their received lead magnet to nurture leads on the thank you page, ask them to register for an event or webinar, or ask them to be part of your community.

  • The Tripwire

Once someone has opted in with their email address, your thank you page can be monetized and used for instantly turning your new lead to a customer.

  1. After-Sale Thank You Page

Once someone has completed a purchase, your thank you page will have different goals and these are to increase customer retention and maximize customer value.

  • The Value Maximizer

If you want your thank you page to increase your customer’s value, you can offer an up-sell or cross-sell.

  • The Customer Keeper

When the goal of your thank you page is increasing customer retention, there are a few things you can do such as asking them to create an account with you. Your thank you page is the perfect time for asking someone to create an account since you wouldn’t want it to compromise purchase process. Make sure you don’t require people to create an account with you prior to the completion of the purchase.

You can also reinforce the buying decision to increase customer retention. When you emphasize the idea that the customer only made a great purchase, the thank you page can eliminate the remorse of the buyer and improve the chances that the customer will return to make a second purchase. The best way to do this is to include customer testimonials or case studies on the thank you page.

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