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Build Your First Ever Online Sales Funnel with These 5 Steps

Marketing is a must for any entrepreneur. If there is no marketing done, this will eventually lead to the downfall of your business because there are no new customers that come to find it. 

This is the reason why if you haven’t been allotting enough effort and time into this specific aspect of your business just yet, now is the perfect time for you to get started. 

One of the easiest and simplest ways to dip your toes into marketing is to use a sales funnel. 

What are Sales Funnels? 

The sales funnel strategy is called as such because of the fact that when in diagram form, it looks similar to its name – a funnel.

The uppermost category is the largest one that represents the biggest number of people in the form of potential customers. The category on the lowest part is a representation of the smallest number or the committed customers, and this explains its smaller size. 

Why does your business need an online sales funnel, you ask? 

Basically, a sales funnel will help you define and understand the buying habits of your customers better. Having a good understanding of how your customers find you, the reasons why they find you, as well as the reasons why they leave the important secret ingredient to the growth and success of your business. 

Sales funnels also let you target and identify different members of your audience on the first stage according to the initial content that they showed interest in. 

There are five simple steps that you need to follow so you can develop your first simple online sales funnel that can boost your marketing efforts.

Table of Content:

1. Develop an Excellent Landing Page

2. Have a front-end offer ready.

3. Present an upsell offer on the back end

4. Provide an option to downsize

5. Keep the cycle going

Develop an Excellent Landing Page

The landing page of your website is the very first impression your prospect customers will immediately have of your entire business. This is the reason why you need to take your sweet time to ensure that your landing page will look great from top to bottom. 

At SEO Heroes, we believe the best kind of landing page is one that also encourages the visitors to subscribe to the site or sign up for a list of some sort. It will provide you with critical contact details that will serve as your first line of communication with your prospects.

Have a front-end offer ready.

The second step you need to take is to present your potential customers with a chance to avail of your service or purchase a product. Every time you construct your primary front-end products together with all related upsell offers, it is important to engineer them with that added mindset of how it will help evoke a desire for your next offer or your backend offer that you will present to them later on. To put it simply, this is the step where you should pre-sell on the next step in your sales funnel.

Present an upsell offer on the back end

Now is the time for you to offer those customers who are about to purchase a service or product or customers who already made a purchase the chance to upgrade or upsize that particular service. For instance, you can come up with an offer than will provide your customers with more benefits if they choose to upgrade. This particular strategy is what you call an upsell.

You can consider an upsell steak dinner to the appetizer of the regular offer. You are basically giving your customers more substance once they opt for an upgrade. As expected, it also means that you will be making more money at this point since an upsell usually involves a bigger or a pricier service or item.

Provide an option to downsize

Similar to how you encourage your customers to upgrade products or services during the step for upselling, with this particular element of the sales funnel, you are required to offer some of your customers with an option to downgrade. 

Now, don’t think or assume that this downsize option means that you failed. You also should never look at it as losing a sale. What you should do instead is to consider this as a great way of keeping your customer unable to make a purchase from you because of constraints with their budget. Don’t forget about the importance of micro moments and that there is always a possibility that these constraints might change. You need to be considerate enough and provide more affordable choices for such people so you can keep them as your potential customers in the future.

Keep the cycle going

The final but still equally important step in the sales funnel is to make sure that your momentum keeps going. Make sure that you follow up with every new customer that you acquire and see to it that they are happy and satisfied with the service or product they got.

One way to achieve it is to offer a membership-based rewards program. It will let you stay in touch with your customers that will then give you the perfect chance to tell or inform them of your new services or deals.

A quick reminder though. The steps that are listed above are specifically meant for those businesses that have an online presence. Obviously, there is always the chance that it might not describe or suit your particular business. But one thing is for sure and that is all types and sizes of businesses can and should take advantage of the sales funnel model.

On top of that, you also need to remember that the category of your potential customers representing the largest number of people is always on the topmost part of your sales funnel while the smallest category that is made up of established customers is always on the bottom part. The specific categories in between these two might be changed to meet the specific sales goals and needs of your business. 

Understanding and building your online sales funnel is important for the success of your Digital marketing campaigns and allows you to establish relationships with leads that can soon become loyal customers. 

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