Link Velocity

The Need for Link Velocity in Your SEO Strategy

If this is the first time that you have heard of link velocity in SEO, you might experience an information overload. To make things simpler and easier for you to understand, link velocity is basically the speed of backlink growth in a domain or page of interest. 

Although this task is not easy and might also take time for you to get a higher backlinking rate, it is best to start your journey today and hire website SEO services that use effective backlink strategies.

Read on to know more about link velocity and why you should incorporate it to your SEO strategy.

Table of Content:

1. Backlinks Defined

2. Importance of Backlinks

3. How Backlinking Makes Your Website More Valuable

4. What is Link Velocity in SEO?

5. It is Useless to Intentionally Add Backlinks to Your Website

6. Ways to Build Better Backlinks

7. Improve SERP Ranking with Best Possible Link Velocity in SEO

How Backlinking Makes Your Website More Valuable

Backlinking is the innovative invention of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, two students from Stanford. They wrote two scientific papers and discussed the page rank concept. This paved way to the birth of the backlink concept.

There are two assumptions that backed up their concept:

  1. The backlinks that a certain website gets from other sites with authority means that the site must be really good.
  2. The website must be better if there are more backlinks that lead back to it.

Considering these assumptions, the concept rendered more value to a website based on the quantity and quality of its acquired backlinks.

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