Micro Moment Marketing

What is the micro-moment marketing model: what you need to know?

Some years ago, users generally depended on brand advertising to make their buying choices, and regularly took time to make a decision; that’s not the case anymore. A research carried out on Google, reveals a new trend known as the micro-moment has been born due to the evolution of technology.
Micro moment refers to an increase in consumer behavior on the needs for increase quality of search results, or as Google succinctly categorized these needs as follows: 

  • I want to know
  • I want to do
  • I want to go
  • I want to buy it.

This involves users turning to smartphones and tablets to meet specific needs and the urgency to act on it, whereby an immediate response that matches such expectations at a point in time. Hence, micro-moment marketing was born. 

Table of Content:

1. People evaluate purchase decisions “in-the-moment.”

2. People solve problems “in-the-moment.”

3. Like a superhero, be there in their moments of need.

4. Make it easy for them to make purchases; make your purchase process easy.

5. Captures consumers’ attention at the right time

6. How then do micro-moments influence modern marketing?

7. People pursue big goals in small moments

8. In conclusion

9. Recap

People evaluate purchase decisions “in-the-moment.”

The reason is simple; consumers have their smartphones at hand always. Hence the reason brands in physical locations had to go digital.

According to Google, 1/3 of online consumers between the ages of 18-34 say information discovered through search caused them to buy a more expensive product in a store if that product is more effective. 

This insight provides a clear opportunity for the search. Mobile means consumers can instantly search and compare products at the moment, meaning marketers must win these moments by providing timely and relevant information, such as product details, reviews, and testimonials.

People solve problems “in-the-moment.”

If something goes wrong, or if a consumer suddenly thinks of something we might need in a given moment, they’re likely to pick up their smartphone to take action. 

Google has found out that online consumers purchase in unexpected places – 39% in the kitchen, 28% in the car, and 21% in the bathroom.

This trend has become widespread, so how do you a brand act on it? Keep reading:

The number one rule of marketing is to understand your audience, how do you do this? 

Identify your customers,’ “I want to buy” moments, talk to them or follow online trends and discussions in your industry and figure out when, where, and how they’re researching and making purchasing decisions.

Like a superhero, be there in their moments of need.

After figuring out where and when your customers/audience do these researches, create a comprehensive strategy that works across channels such as video, social, search, and display.

Deliver relevant content to your audience, be a voice in your industry. Look at how people are searching, questions asked, search terms used, and create content that helps point them in the right direction and watch them become loyal to you.

Make it easy for them to make purchases; make your purchase process easy.

Give the consumer multiple ways to buy with so many instructions on how to do it and very few clicks. In all of these, brands must convert to mobile, being found on search engines is crucial to brand existence and their marketing approach, and as such, they must ensure that the mobile experience is consistent from start to finish. 

The user experience and shopping process must make things easy for the consumer, meaning products are first easy to find, followed by a seamless checkout process.

It doesn’t just stop after the purchase, measure every memorable moment, plot customer interaction, and analyze how multiple channels work together to support your customers. Most times, the return on investment may not yet be directly measurable, use credible estimate to ensure your customer experience is seamless.

Captures consumers’ attention at the right time

These days with the rise in technology, consumers have limited attention spans, making it challenging to communicate with your target audience. Now, you need to reach your target market at the right time, but you also need to create a bright and easy-to-understand message for users.

However, with micro-moment marketing, you can target users when they search for your business. Therefore, use micro-moment marketing to your advantage by creating content that targets moments rich in information and intent.

Be sure this content provides value to your target audience by providing them with the information they need to make their desire to buy, learn, do something, or go somewhere a reality.

How then do micro-moments influence modern marketing?

The idea of the consumer’s journey no longer follows a predictable model, and the need to create more fluid, bespoke personas for them has been covered before:

People pursue big goals in small moments

People no longer make big systematic decisions. Before now, people carried out dedicated researches on big, important decisions like buying a house or car, but now, they are made on impulse, or what I call “stolen moments.”

In conclusion

Micro-moments have caused a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, how they think, search, and buy online, thus encouraging us to adopt the mindset shift. For these reasons, brands and digital marketers must conform to the change and choose an aggressive marketing approach if they want to remain in business.


Get into your consumers’ minds by following their discussion trends, like a superhero, and be there in their moments of need. Make it easy for them to make purchases, make your purchase process easy, pursue big goals in small moments, make your mobile experience friendly, and make it easy for them to navigate your website through mobile, to recap a few points.

With the above point, it is clear that you have a lot of work to put your brand in front of consumers, and that’s why you need us to make your mobile experience seamless by improving your brand performance and sales, in the long run. Contact us today!

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