How A Marketing Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

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Digital marketing is an investment, and one that can yield results that will surpass your wildest dreams!

Of course, you need a professional and experienced consultant to achieve it, because it can be a lot harder than it seems… much harder than you can imagine.

However, there is no need to lose sleep over it, because if you hire a competent consultant, you can simply relax and watch the results arrive. As simple as that.

Now, let’s start with the good stuff, because here at SEO Heroes we have prepared an article that you will love!

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

In simple words:

A professional who understands the market, its motivations and knows how to create strategies to reach your targeted audience.

A marketing consultant does far more than only crafting ads, it is a professional that takes care of your marketing in a holistic way, starting from the research to the tracking, analysis and optimization of results.

A consultant will use the different aspects of marketing – SEO, social, PPC, etc. – to make your business grow online through carefully planned strategies.

Because of these strategies, your business will achieve a wide myriad of goals that directly correlate with your online success:

  1. Your business will develop a stronger and more solid presence in the internet
  2. Your brand will become a sign of trust and authority
  3. You will increase your sales and clients
  4. Your clients will trust you, and therefore, refer you to other potential buyers
  5. You will optimize your results and get more for less.

This is what a competent marketing consultant can help you achieve, and therefore, make your business grow.

You need someone who is capable of creating real digital marketing strategies, someone who understand the internet and how market works, and ultimately, someone who can adapt all of his knowledge to your industry and audience.

This is what a consultant can do for you, and as you can see, it is a lot!

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy?

To win online, you need an effective strategy that allows you to reach your audience effectively, so you can sell to them. That’s why you a strategy, because if you don’t have an organized and planned approach, then your chances of failing will be bigger than those of succeeding.

Marketing is not spending money, it is investing in your business, and therefore, you need to make sure that your resources will be used effectively and with a goal (or many) in mind.

Investing in marketing without a clear strategy is just throwing punches in the dark in hopes of hitting something, but in reality, you won’t achieve much, because if you don’t have a clear knowledge on what your audience wants, how they behave, the competitiveness in the industry, etc. then you will have a hard time pulling a positive ROI.

You don’t have an endless amount of resources, therefore, you need to use your money in the smartest way, and that’s exactly what a consultant will do at the hour of creating a strategy for your business.

Here at SEO Heroes we take care of that, because we understand that EVERYTHING must work within the boundaries, guidelines and objectives of a strategy, that’s why we take research very seriously.

Everything start with research, because with that we can craft a strategy that truly understand your audience, the competitiveness in the different realms (social media, search engines, etc.) and how to sell to them.

That is why you need a marketing strategy, because if you want to win, then you need it.

What Exactly Is Brand Identity?

If you want to outstand from the rest of the crowd, then you need to have a reputable, strong and trustable brand. That’s exactly what brand identity is: setting your business apart from the rest.

It is how you present your brand and how you want your customers to perceive it, and this is a vital part in any digital marketing strategy, because you must cause a positive impact in the people you want to sell to.

It allows you to create a solid bond with your customers, and this is vital in order to succeed, because if you want a loyal fan and client base, then you need to have a connection and brand identity is the perfect way to achieve it.

The easiest way to understand what brand identity is and why it is important, is to think of your business as a person, and if you want to shine amongst the masses, then you need to develop individuality, which is the combination of:

  1. Your name
  2. Your looks
  3. Your values
  4. Your ethos
  5. Your ideas
  6. Your style.

It will help you to stand out from the rest, of course, as long as these factors are unique. There are so many brands out there, and therefore, you need to find a way through the noise to reach your audience and present yourself as a different alternative, so you can spark their curiosity.

Of course brand identity goes beyond your logo and tagline, which even though are important elements, they are not everything.  Your brand needs to have a mission and an idea, something that can reach your customers’ heart and have a deep impact.

If you want to stick in their minds and outstand from the rest, then you have to do it.

That is why it is so important to study your audience, how they behave, what they believe in, the language they use and more, so you can adapt these elements to your brand identity. Research plays a major role in this.

Here at SEO Heroes we take care of it, because our mission is to establish your brand as something customers can trust, and therefore, buy from without problems.

Maximize Brand Identity In Your Website:

Nowadays we live in a time with so many opportunities, but unfortunately, a lot of noise as well…

As we said in the previous section, if you want to win, then you need to stand out from the rest, because people are looking for DIFFERENT options. Every single important brand in the world focus on it, because it really works.

That is why here at SEO Heroes we take care of maximizing brand identity in your website, so you can connect with your visitors right off the bat.

As always, in order to achieve this, we need to perform a deep and detailed research on your audience and industry, so we can know:

  1. What fonts and colors to use, because they can have a huge impact on how customers perceive your brand
  2. What images to use to cause a great perception on your visitors. Images that convey your message and share it effectively
  3. What style of copywriting to use, because if you want to connect and sell to your audience, then you need to speak to them in their language, so you can create a solid bond right off the bat.

These are just some of the most important aspects we take into account at the hour of maximizing brand identity in your website, because if you want to sell, then you need to connect and stand out from the rest.

Our marketing strategy will help you to set your brand apart from the rest, share with your customers your mission and why you are different (and better) than your competition, and therefore, why they should buy from you.

You need to appeal to their emotions, to their dreams, to their passions, and this is exactly what we will do for you.

This is one of the most powerful ways by which a digital marketing consultant can help to grow your business. Because, by establishing this strong connection and favorable perception, you will experience an increase in your number of sales and clients.

The Power of Search Marketing: Reach New Heights

This is our specialty and we know how much it can help your business, and therefore, we include it in each strategy.

Organic traffic is excellent, because it is composed by people looking for what you are offering, and depending on the keywords you choose, you can achieve different goals.

We use both paid and unpaid approaches; therefore, we combine the power of SEO and search PPC. This perfect synergy will make your business grow to new heights because:

  1. Search PPC – be it Adwords or Bing Ads – will bring your sites a fast injection of highly-targeted traffic, in order to test your website and deliver you fast sales
  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – will make Google fall in love with your website, rank it for the most profitable keywords in your industry, and drive you tons of sales and clients. Of course, it will take more time, but in the meanwhile, search PPC will take care of it.

This is why we include both approaches, and many other secrets like ranking other web properties, for some quick SEO wins ;). The principal activities people do online are searching and reading email, so it makes sense to focus on it.

Furthermore, ranking and appearing in the SERPs for the most important keywords in your industry, will make your business local as a sign of authority in your area.

If people see you ranking, then they will inevitably think that you are a good company, and therefore, you are present there. Of course, in order to maintain this perception and power it up, you need to take care of brand identity, but worry not, because we contemplate it in our strategies.

Of course, just like any other area of digital marketing, you need to research everything and place it all within a strategy. That is why we offer you:

  1. A complete research on your competition, in order to find out what they are doing, what keywords they are targeting, and of course, the level of competitiveness
  2. Total and deep keyword research to find the most valuable terms in your industry, and of course, many hidden gems that your competitors are missing out
  3. Complete and professional on-page optimization, so search engines can understand your website and see why you deserve to rank
  4. Complete off-page campaign, because on-page alone is not enough, and worry not, because we will show search engines that you are popular and a sign of authority in your niche.

There is a lot to get from search marketing, and our strategies will help you to achieve so!

Traffic Quality vs. Traffic Quantity: Which One Matters More?

In simple words: Quality > Quality.

What scenario is better?

  1. Receiving 100,000 untargeted visitors with slight to no interest in your industry
  2. Receiving 1000 hyper-targeted visitors who are looking what you offer and sell.

Without any doubts, the second option is the best. You will receive less traffic, yes, but you will get far better results.

That is why we focus our strategies on delivering as much high-quality traffic as possible, because this is what will bring you conversions, and therefore, allow you to obtain a positive return of investment.

There is no point in putting quantity over quality, because receiving thousands over thousands of untargeted visitors won’t take you anywhere, whereas with laser-targeted and high-quality traffic, you will get very far.

That is why we target the best keywords in your industry and focus social media promotion on reaching your audience, be it through unpaid or paid methods such as FB Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.

In a nutshell, this is what matters the most in the end of the day: as much high-quality traffic as possible. That’s the recipe for winning, because if your website connects with your visitors, then you will get superb results. You can count on it.

Measure Your Marketing Impact:

A marketing consultant can help you to measure your marketing impact and how far you are getting.

Without a clear idea of your impact, you cannot really know if your strategy is working, but worry not, because a consultant will sort it out for you.

For instance, here at SEO Heroes we use different methods to measure the impact and let you see how your campaign is doing:

  1. Professional management of Google Analytics. This will allow you to see how your visitors are behaving in your website, what terms they are using to arrive, how long they stay and more
  2. Tracking in social media. By using different tools, we measure the impact of your content in social media, in order to know what’s rocking your audience and what’s not. This allows us to come up with better content idea that will help your audience, and therefore, increase your reputation
  3. Surveys to find out what your customers think. This is very important, because every bit of feedback can help you to make your business grow, and we take care of collecting as much of it as possible.

And more. A digital marketing consultant will help you to track the performance of your campaign, so you can see what kind of results you are getting, and how your investment is making sense.

Therefore, if you don’t want to be left wondering what impact your marketing is really having, contact a consultant in order to find out the truth, and here at SEO Heroes we can help you just fine!

Contact us and we will show you why our strategies work and we will be honest at the hour of showing you their real impact. Because we take your investment really seriously, and it is our only objective to bring you results, period.

Collect the Data to Take Your Conversions to the Next Level:

As we said, we like to collect every single bit of data and feedback, in order to tune up your strategy and bring better results.

It is all about conversions, because if your website isn’t converting the traffic it gets, then you won’t get a positive return of your investment. That is why conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an essential part of every successful campaign.

Even if your campaign is already doing great, there is always room for further growth, so you can reach new heights and this is what a marketing consultant can do for you.

Tracking. It all comes down to tracking everything and split testing, because the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t is by testing your audience with different elements.

It can be truly overwhelming to do it on your own, but with a competent marketing consultant, this will be very easy for you, because he will take care of the heavy work while you enjoy the results!

A marketing consultant will help you to:

  1. Find the winning copy for every single one of your money pages, so you can take your conversions to the next level. The same goes if you are running an e-commerce store, your consultant will come up with the perfect description for all of your products, so you can increase your sales
  2. Determine the best navigation, in order to bring your users a better experience and make it easy for them to arrive where they want, and furthermore, direct them where you want them to be
  3. Come up with the best call to actions, because if you don’t know how to call your visitors to take actions, you won’t get really far
  4. See what colors and fonts combination works the best, because you need to connect with your visitors in order to convert them into buyers and clients. Color psychology is very important for boosting your conversions
  5. Test multiple variables like buttons, images, language and more, in order to come up with the winning combination that will take your conversions to the next level.

As you can see, a marketing consultant can take your results to the next level. Of course, this is a very hard labor that requires plenty of dedication, experience and the right tools, but worry not, because here at SEO Heroes we can help you with that!

Even a 1% improvement in conversions can have a huge impact in your business, and worry not, because we will help you to take your conversion rate to the maximum possible! 😉

Determine the Perfect Marketing Budget for Your Company:

Every business is different, and therefore, you will need a budget that contemplates everything it needs.

That is why SEO packages don’t work, because their pricing doesn’t take into account what your business really needs to grow. That is why it is much better to work with a consultant that lets you know how much it will really cost to achieve your goals.

It will be a budget that will bring your strategy enough resources to develop, improve and deliver results. A perfect number that will allow it to flourish and make your business grow, as simple as that.

Of course, in order to come up with it, a consultant needs to research your industry, determine its level of competitiveness, the current state of your business online and several other factors.

That is what we do at SEO Heroes, because we believe that honesty is the best policy, and therefore, we will bring you a custom price that shows you what it will take to achieve your goals.

We will be honest here: it is more expensive than your typical SEO package, but the results are much better, because we are talking about a strategy that takes of everything, from brand identity to SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimization.

If you want to conquer your entire online industry, then this is what you need and we are here to help you. You only need to contact us and we will take care of the rest!

How SEO Heroes Can Help You? What Make Us Different?

How can we help you?

I’m Matteo Barletta and I’m a professional digital marketing consultant, and I will personally take care of your campaign from the very beginning.

This is what makes us different: we don’t see you as another number, we see you as a human who is coming to us for help with desires and dreams in mind.

Therefore, we destine all of resources – be it tools, knowledge and professionals – to deliver the results you are looking for.

We are not here to simply pull a profit, deliver mediocre results and keep you somewhat satisfied, of course not. Our goal is to stand out, and the best way to achieve it is by delivering solid and amazing results for your business.

Therefore, our mission is only one: deliver results and generate a positive ROI for your company, as simple as that.

Expertise in All Areas of Digital Marketing:

We can deliver that because we have expertise in the different areas of digital marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search PPC
  3. Social media promotion
  4. Social PPC
  5. Video marketing
  6. Content marketing
  7. Brand identity development
  8. Conversion rate optimization
  9. Web design and development
  10. And more.

Our team of professionals are here to deliver your business the all-in-one solution it needs to rock online and get results.

As you can see, we take everything in consideration at the hour of crafting the strategy for your business, because we need to target every single area.

Your business must receive traffic from multiple sources, optimize the conversions, track the results and protect your reputation. That’s what our strategies do, and you will feel the difference from the beginning!

Total Compromise with You from the Beginning:

We will start working with you seriously from the very first day. Therefore, you will see that communication will be easy and transparent, because honesty is the best policy.

You can ask questions anytime, and we will be there to let you know how your campaign is doing, and of course, we will share with you how much of an impact your marketing is having.

If you want to work with a company that takes you seriously and works on your business with the goal of delivering solid results, the contact us and we will help you to make it happen!


Now you know how a digital marketing consultant can make your business grow.

It will be your guide in the fabulous and profitable world of digital marketing, so you can explore it and reap the benefits that await for you!

Of course, here at SEO Heroes we would love to work with you. Contact us today and we will let you know how we can help you.

We will take your business to the next level, so contact us and we will let you know in exquisite detail how we will make your business grow online!

Do you need help ?

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We will help you to find your next generation of customers!

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