On-Page Techniques to Dominate Google Searches

It is no secret that local SEO is crucial for businesses that cater to their communities to succeed in getting attention on Google. However, for your local SEO efforts to succeed, you must create the right on-page signals so that Google can read your website properly. The right on-page signals have the largest impact on your local SEO which means that the better the techniques you use to enhance the signals, the higher your site will rank on search engine result pages. So, before you begin your effort to improve your local rankings for search engines, you will need to maximize your on-page signals to get the best results. What follows are eight proven techniques that will enhance your on-page signals, so you can dominate local Google searches.

Use Local Keywords on Title Tag and Meta Content

The secret to successful local SEO is making search engines like Google link your website and business to your geographic location. This will mean that you need to use the right keywords to make that association so when someone looks for the products or services you provide in their community, they will come across your website. The most common way is to incorporate the name of your community into your target keywords. A combination of the products or services you provide with the right location keyword should be in your title tag and meta content. You want to limit the keywords to a simple business description, such as “pizza delivery” and location, such as “Bangkok”. Do not expand the use of keywords or Google might read your website as spam which only causes more issues. You may need to do some experimentation to find the right combination, but once it is found your website will benefit greatly from having the proper tags and meta content for your site.

Improve Landing Page Content

It’s not enough to get people to visit your landing page, you must make them stay for Google to rank your site at or near the top. Otherwise, Google will lower the ranking for your site because visitors are not staying long enough. You will need to create content that is interesting, informative, and valuable to the reader which makes them stay longer. You’ll find that good content not only keeps people on your site for longer periods, but also helps improve your sales as well. The key to creating good content starts with the basics which means using proper spelling, grammar, and shorter sentences for easier understanding. Here are a few more tips which will help improve the content of your site.
  • Use Bullet Points
  • Create Smaller Paragraphs
  • Spread Keywords Evenly Throughout the Content
The more you can improve your content, the better off your website will be in attracting visitors and converting them to customers.

While many business owners may associate a logo with the print or traditional media world, they still carry a considerable amount of importance on the web. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that good logos are associated with strong businesses. Because business logos have such a strong associative quality with the company, the lack of a logo creates the subconscious belief that the business is not as trustworthy. So, if you have a logo already for your company, it needs to be on your website as well. Be sure to properly tag your logo so that Google understands what it means. It’s possible that the logo itself will not be seen or properly displayed by Google unless it has the right tagging. Another important consideration is keeping the logo in the same place on each page. This provides consistency for those who are going over each page and helps you to place the logo properly. Of course, you can always use your business logo multiple times on a page when appropriate.

Use Accurate Contact Information on Website

This means that you should place your name, address, and phone number (NAP) on your site and make sure the information is up to date. This is because Google search will consider your business contact information and rate it for accuracy. This means that your NAP not only needs to be accurate, but clean of other words or information. Too many business owners try to add keywords or expressive adjectives to their business name which only decreases the SEO effect unless such words are part of your actual business name. This means that you should limit your business name entry to exactly that and add nothing else. Keep in mind that there will be other areas where you can add a description which may include keywords. However, with your NAP requirements, just stick to the basics.

Speed Up Download Time

How fast a page loads onto a computer, laptop, or mobile device can make all the difference between keeping a potential customer or losing them to another site. One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep people coming back to your website is by speeding up the download time. This can be accomplished by reducing the image size, fewer graphics, and other files that take up a considerable amount of space. There are simple tools that let you see how much space is being taken up by the various images, graphics, and other displays. With them, you can make the right changes which keep your site attractive and functional while increasing the download speed so that potential visitors do not become discouraged.

Site Structure

You will need to optimize the design and UX of your site depending on its structure. This means considering whether you will create a separate page for every service that you offer and each city or community where you are located. For example, if you run a business in three different cities, then you will want to create three separate sites that cater to each city. This will dictate your local SEO keywords for maximum effect. For example, if you run an hotel business in Bangkok,Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai, then you will need to create a page for each city and optimize the content with keywords. You’ll want to ensure that each URL contains the name of the city or community as well. The more you can identify each business with the city they are located, the better the on-page signals will be to attract the right consumer base.

Optimizing Images

It’s amazing just how many business owners overlook images when improving their on-page signals. This may be because some believe that Google can recognize images without any additional text information. However, you will need to use ALT attributes where you can tag your images with the appropriate description and proper keywords. For local SEO purposes, this means including your community so that search engines can associate it geographically and any appropriate keywords such as a description of your business which will help get you more views from local consumers.


One of the most important, but often overlooked techniques is to associate your social media and other sites related to your business with your main website. Many businesses have in addition to their main website a series of social media sites, local directories, and even Wikipedia entries that are directly associated with their business. While in most cases these subsidiary sites have links back to the main website, the same is not true about links from the main website that go to the subsidiary ones. You can use the “SameAs” tag which is found in your schema markups which indicates to Google that your subsidiary sites are associated with your main one. Google will confirm this with you, but it provides a broader net to capture visitors and helps to bolster your local SEO efforts. Be sure to keep all sites up to date and add new ones when appropriate. The more work you do to prepare your website for local SEO by improving the on-page signals, the higher the rankings will be for your site. By focusing on the little things, you can make remarkable changes which help improve the performance of your local SEO efforts. Even simple things like marking your home page with the business name instead of just “home” that shows up in the browser tabs can make a big difference in how your company is perceived. By using these 8-game changing on-page techniques, you can dominate in local Google searches which means that more people discover your business. The good news is that these techniques are easy to employ and when you keep it simple, may produce big dividends for your marketing efforts. If you are not comfortable or familiar enough with web programming to employ these techniques, it pays to hire a SEO company like us which can do them for you. The investment made in having professional services rendered will pay off handsomely when you see the results. Our firm will employ the latest techniques to further bolster your local SEO performance starting with improving the on-page signals.

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