PPC Audit 

What is a Pay Per Click (PPC) Audit?

Are you making money off of your PPC campaigns? What about garnering more traffic to your site? If neither of those things are happening, something is seriously wrong with your strategy.

It’s time for a PPC Audit from an expert auditing service. At SEO Heroes, our auditing team uses a fine-toothed comb to analyze your current PPC campaigns. We spot the errors, deep dive into the problems your business is having, and find effective solutions to boost your ROI

Perhaps you haven’t even started a PPC account yet because it’s overwhelming and intimidating. We hear ya! But, we can also help.

PPC services are constantly adding new features and tools that businesses must keep up with. That means multiple campaigns on multiple changing platforms. It’s no surprise that errors happen in PPC marketing! 

With our help, you will get the best ROI for you investment

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Our Clients Are Not Online, This Is Not For Us

We don’t need digital marketing, pay per click, or any of the other “online” stuff. We use word of mouth marketing.

Does this sound like you? We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people talking this way. Yet, they keep crying over their dwindling sales!

The real reason behind thinking “Pay per click is too expensive” is that business owners are not 100% sure if it’s worth the money. Will they make money off PPC? Will they get more traffic to their site? What’s the return on investment?

Adwords (or PPC) is not “expensive” if you know how to make it profitable 🙂

If you knew that for every 200 baht spent you’ll get 1,000 baht in revenue and 800 baht profit (which is 800% actual ROI), it would be a no-brainer to use PPC. This isn’t an unrealistic number… you can be very profitable with PPC!

Another amazing part of PPC is that it goes hand in hand with Google Analytics. This allows you to track all sales and trace them back to their separate channels. Every dollar spent and earned is accounted for.

Now that you know how worthwhile PPC is, ask yourself this. Will you have the time to spend learning, monitoring the campaigns, and keeping up with Google’s constant changes?

With all the urgent tasks and day-to-day operations, some things will get neglected. But, with our team’s help, nothing has to fall to the backburner. We can take care of your PPC campaigns as well as your Analytics monitoring. 

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Results Built On Systems, Not Luck

There’s no luck in effective PPC marketing. It takes knowledge, strategy, and the right systems.

You want to get the right people onto your site when they’re most likely to take action. That means targeting your ideal consumer and marketing to them when they’re primed to buy. This is easy with PPC because you don’t waste money; you only pay for ads that get clicked by qualified users. This allows you to control your budget and steadily grow your traffic.

Don’t “hope” that people visit your site.

Take control and make it happen. 


Focus on Conversions

Wondering what it means to have a PPC Audit done? This process is as detailed and effective as all of our other services. We start by taking a deep-dive into your business, website, and current PPC campaigns.

Using laser-focus and a fine-toothed comb, we scour your campaigns to see where you’re going wrong. Are you targeting the right people? Is your message conveyed clearly and enticingly? What could be improved?

Besides auditing your practices, we’ll research your competitors’ campaigns. You can learn a lot from your competition, especially when they’re killing it. Our PPC Audits are holistic and comprehensive; they take into account your business’s campaigns as well as the rest of the market.

After the audit, you’ll receive a complete report on our findings. Within the report, we’ll provide suggestions for next steps and how to reach your desired results. The best part? We can help you make those results a reality, too!  

We bring you the best return on your investment. Maximum online growth at your disposal!


A Clear 30-Day Report

Our objective is to get you results. Therefore, all of our strategies are transparent and tailored to your needs and goals, thus achieving the results you expect.

That is why we have so many satisfied customers, who like you, wanted to reach more local customers.

We made it happen for them and we can do the same for you.

We guarantee respect for the timeline, clear reports of the tasks completed, fast communication, and high commitment to achieve the ranking results your company deserves!

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PPC Auditing F.A.Q.

To make sure that you understand the actual benefits of getting a PPC Audit, how it works, and how we deliver results, in this section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You will also see why we are different and how we can help your business grow to ensure you understand how this investment is worthwhile for your company.

More questions? Feel free to reach out of us anytime using the button “let’s get started” below. 

Why Are You Different?

Unlike other PPC Auditing services, we focus on results. It’s nice to rank, but it doesn’t make any sense to put in all the effort if it doesn’t make you money. Our PPC Auditing services are dedicated to securing a high return on investment for you. We want to see why you’re losing money on PPC and fix it. Before no time, you’ll be increasing your site traffic and earning more through PPC ads

What Do Your PPC Auditing Services Include?

Our PPC Audits are detailed and thorough. We comb through every PPC campaign you’ve ever had or currently have with a fine-toothed comb. If there are any errors or problems, we’ll find them. 

Then, we present you with the issues we found and the money you’ve lost as a result. The best part? We show you the exact steps to fix your PPC campaigns and start making money. Plus, with stronger campaigns comes more site traffic and thus, more sales!

Our team consists of experienced and advanced PPC experts. The best of the best will be auditing your account to ensure nothing gets missed. 

Are the Solutions Packaged or Tailored?

All of our PPC Audits are unique to the businesses running the campaigns. Therefore, we don’t have a fixed price and we will define it after analyzing your business, your industry, and what you want to accomplish.  No packaged solution would ever be perfect for everyone, and that’s why we adapt to deliver you outstanding results.  

How Can I Track Results and Return on Investment (ROI)?

When you hire one of our SEO services, you receive a report from us every 30 days. In each report, you’ll be able to see how many visitors come to your site every month. Based on the amount of conversions you get, we will be able to let you know your conversion rate so you can compare it to the price of our services and determine your ROI.

The reports you receive from our PPC Audits are incredibly detailed and comprehensive. We will also go through them with you to advise on next steps. The value we add will be clear from the extensive data gathered and suggestions in our reports. 

Do You Provide Reports?

Yes, absolutely. To let you know the progress of your campaign, we provide you with complete, insightful, and transparent reports that will allow you to measure the performance of our strategies and solutions. Everything we do is results-driven, and therefore, we are completely open to letting you know how we are running every aspect of your campaign.

When you choose to get a PPC Audit, you receive similarly detailed reports on our findings. They will also include our suggestions for next steps and solutions to your PPC marketing problems. Our transparency is why clients love working with us. You get exactly what you see.