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Results Oriented Marketing Campaign

Marketing –


At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we have a different approach towards marketing. We not only focus on impressing our clients by providing them with cosmetic results, but we believe in sowing seeds across the internet for deeper and more fruitful marketing results in the long term. The goal is to continue to harvest results long after the campaign has ended. It is this strategy of understanding the market better, analyzing the target audience deeply, and penetrating the market deeply to reach the target audience that helps us to develop a cycle of lead generation, as well as increasing traffic, converting leads, and generating higher revenue sustainably.

SEO Heroes Bangkok follows the latest marketing trends online and uses the latest technology and search engine updates to devise a marketing strategy that delivers results efficiently. The internet marketing services we provide are all-inclusive in nature, which means they’ll trigger positive brand image, create brand awareness, reach out to the target audience, create long term bonds with the audience through social media channels and provide consistency in lead generation and conversion. These results-oriented internet marketing techniques are implemented to ensure that our clients get an edge over their competitors while getting value for their money.

Our team of experienced SEO professionals have an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms and stay updated on the latest happenings in the world of internet marketing. This helps us devise SEO strategies that help our clients achieve their long-term business goals through targeted marketing online. Developing a positive brand image online and having a strong web presence are essential for just about every business. SEO Heroes Bangkok can help achieve great results through innovative and cutting edge internet marketing campaigns that are customized to our client’s requirements, niche market, budget, and competition.

Here, we will briefly discuss our marketing campaign and how it is crafted to deliver results even for highly competitive keywords. We proudly do campaigns differently.

Campaigns Based On the Marketing Funnel

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we devise a marketing campaign that is result-oriented and focused on increasing sales and revenue through the marketing funnel. Starting with creating a positive brand image to engaging the potential target audience and converting the leads, everything is taken care of through our marketing campaign.

It follows a few critical steps, which are as follows –

As soon as the campaign commences, we audit and analyze the current market positioning and compare it with the competition. Once this is done, the brand is activated by reaching out to the users through various SEO techniques and social media channels. This helps to increase organic traffic to the site. As the visitors and engagement increase, the result is positive brand awareness.

When the brand is well-recognized in the niche market, the next stage is to build an audience around that brand. Engaging on social media and various other channels basically helps you get to know audience better. It, in turn, allows you to provide better customer service and polish the overall customer experience. Customer retention and creative brand image are vital functions achieved through prospecting. Exploring new platforms, building an audience, active engagement with the audience, providing definitive solutions to the customers, and converting leads happen in this stage.

There is a target audience inside the potential audience that is closer to conversion than the rest. Understanding their language, what they are looking for, clearing their doubts and helping them through the process of conversion is what audience targeting does. In this process, specific parts of the audience are identified and consulted. This helps to increase the organic traffic that reaches your site which leads to a much higher conversion rate.

Retargeting is: following up with the interested leads and helping them understand the products and the services while clearing any doubt they may have regarding the services. It’s proven that customers who were not as interested earlier can become interested when the company follows up with them. It is how retargeting is different from audience targeting because retargeting happens on a micro level. The users who are interested are identified and consulted on a personal level, which also helps in improving brand image and boosts word-of-mouth marketing.

Converting happens after the filtration stages have occurred and the interested users are identified. The interested users are then directed to a call of action and a conversion takes place. When the conversion takes place in a systematic manner and is followed up with post-sale customer service, if required, the brand achieves sustainability that allows continued growth in the long-term.

These phases help us to deliver clients a definitive and strong online presence. It ensures that the marketing campaign not only helps the company reach out to its audience but also boosts sales and revenue. SEO Heroes Bangkok understands the importance of data in the return on investment and ensures our clients get it sooner than later.

Programmatic Marketing

Type of Campaigns & KPIs

SEO Heroes Bangkok sets parameters up for all campaigns. This makes them scaleable as well as measurable without beating around the bush. We believe in results, and we respect the time of our clients and the trust our clients put in us to deliver.

The marketing campaigns we design and develop are crafted for specific purposes as per our clients’ direction and business objectives. We customize the campaign as per the current marketing and brand positioning so that the process attrition rate is reduced and time it takes to deliver results is shortened considerably.

Here are the type of campaigns and Key Performance Indicators we measure the campaign’s success with.

Increase Brand Awareness – When the campaign is to increase brand awareness, we focus on increasing the impressions on the site and the views the videos and other media receive. Through various social media and SEO tools, it is possible to measure the outreach of the campaign. We power the campaign to boost the reach of the brand to newer markets and platforms.

Increase Engagement/Traffic – The key performance indicators here are engagement ratio of the existing and potential customers and target audience, the clicks received on various online marketing mediums/tools, and the number of visitors to the clients’ site and social media outlets. The campaign is devised for clients who already have a web presence, but one that’s not getting any substantial results.

Increase Sales/Leads/Revenue – In this case, the KPIs are the number of orders received, and the forms filled up for newsletters, email marketing, and so on. In this campaign, the customers are directed to realize the call of action. This is the end goal of any marketing campaign, and we work relentlessly through our campaigns to ensure our clients increase their revenue and achieve their business goals.

These marketing campaigns are developed in a customized fashion to suit clients’ budgets, requirements and marketing goals. We do not have “one size fits all” because we understand every business is different, and thus the marketing strategy, whether online or offline, has to be different too. Talk to our search engine marketing professionals to know how we can help your business through results oriented internet marketing campaigns.

Gaining Outreach

Prospecting is all about identifying sales prospects aka potential leads and reaching out to them in the hopes of making them current customers. SEO Heroes Bangkok has a distinct process that we follow for prospecting, which is first enhancing the client’s reach in the market and then connecting the touch points. Touch points are potential leads that are looking for products or services that the client offers. It is achieved through keyword-targeted marketing on social media and other marketing channels.

Prospecting is all about identifying sales prospects aka potential leads and reaching out to them in the hope of making them current customers. SEO Heroes Bangkok has a distinct process that we follow for prospecting, which is first enhancing the client’s reach in the market and then connecting the touch points. Touch points are potential leads that are looking for products or services that the clients offer. It is achieved through keyword-targeted marketing on social media and other marketing channels.

Understanding the Target

After connecting the touch points, there is an active engagement phase that takes place. Such engagement is further analyzed to understand and determine the characteristics and the interest of the potential customers. It helps in understanding what the clients are looking for. It can also be used as an opportunity to informally present the clients’ products and services. It segregates different segments of customers and potential leads. Such a process helps in building client segments under different slabs as per company’s own business models.


As the conversion takes place through prospecting, it becomes easier to understand which client segment is generating more revenue and which products and services are more popular among the target audience. Once this is identified, finding ‘look-alike’ customers that resemble the prime customers of the business becomes easier. It helps in targeting the customers that resemble the best existing clients, and thus, helps in increasing sales and customer base manifolds in a much shorter period.

Look-Alike Marketing Model

Using a look-alike marketing model means finding the clients that have the same characteristics as the best clients the company already has. It makes it much easier to address their concerns and showcase how the company’s products or services can be useful to them. It is what prospecting is all about; internet marketing acts as a funnel to materialize this.

We Know Your Audience’s Interests And Behaviour

When you know your audience, it becomes easier to pitch them effectively. It not only helps in providing them value for products and services, but builds a stronger bond with them. Understanding your audience’s interests and behavior paves the way to craft your products and services to suit their requirements and preferences, which in turn, helps in increasing sales and revenue.

Generally, companies look for and find customer data that gives a macro outlook on who the customers are and some limited information on them. However, at SEO Heroes Bangkok we do a deep research on finding out about the target audience and through various parameters do not only try to understand the customers, but also define their specific interests and behavior. It helps in reaching out to them more effectively and using the products and services to grasp their attention.

When the customers get the products and services they need at the price point they can afford, chances of conversion increase manifolds. By studying the target audience closely and monitoring the market trends and customers’ behavioral patterns online and their interests, we achieve the market-based understanding that helps boost a company’s marketing and sales performance considerably.

Programmatic Marketing

Reach Your Audiences Across All Devices and Publishers

Prospecting is all about identifying sales prospects aka potential leads and reaching out to them in the hopes of making them current customers. SEO Heroes Bangkok has a distinct process that we follow for prospecting, which is first enhancing the client’s reach in the market and then connecting the touch points. Touch points are potential leads that are looking for products or services that the clients offer. It is achieved through keyword-targeted marketing on social media and other marketing channels.

Mobile Marketing

As per recent reports, the click-through rate or CTR as it is commonly known is higher by 227% on mobile devices. It is important to target your audience through mobile ads and other formats of content marketing and advertising on the mobile platform. SEO Heroes Bangkok can help you optimize your content to be available across devices, whether it is PC, tablet or mobile phones. Your brand’s visibility is increased along with the CTR, and lower is the overall cost of marketing. It increases lead generation and conversion as well.


Recent surveys have suggested that around 39 of 50 top publishers have found that content consumption on mobile devices is higher than on the desktops. It only makes sense then to take advantage of this consumer behavior knowledge and optimize marketing reach to present across all devices. Our simple integration process at SEO Heroes Bangkok will help your site and marketing campaign to be present through many different content formats across all devices and top publishers. It will help with marketing, outreach, retargeting, prospecting, generating higher traffic, lead generation, and lead conversion.


Positive Impression

Last but not the least, when your company has a presence on different devices and the content marketing approaches the audience relevantly through various top publishers, it creates a unified presence and generates a positive image of the brand. Creating a good impression to the potential target audience will help in the long term to increase brand value, and contribute to achieving business goals effectively.

On Every Device

Reaching out to customers across all devices and through different content marketing formats with the help of top publishers is important. More is the visibility across all platforms and devices online; better is the brand value and image.

SEO Heroes Bangkok has a strong network across different content platforms, and have an outreach of over 85 percent on all mobile inventory, desktop inventory and video inventory. We use the network we have developed and nourished as well as resources we have accumulated to help our clients reach out to their target audience in an effective manner, without losing out to the competition.

Campaigns are designed and developed from the very beginning to provide content accessibility to the target audience through different platforms. The engagement and CTR ratio improves drastically by having a good presence on different platforms. It helps the client to achieve their marketing objectives without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Programmatic Marketing

We Use Retargeting To Activate Interested Audiences

The process of retargeting is described earlier, but here we describe the actual process of how it works. Retargeting is a form of following-up with the client in an informal way. As the marketing trends are changing and the competition has increased drastically over the years, it is important for businesses to grab the attention of customers on a continuous basis. If you are a new company to the customer, they would probably check what you have to offer and move on with their search.

Programmatic Marketing

In a short span of time, as a marketing surveys suggests, the customers tend to forget the company or the site they visited a week earlier, even if they liked what they saw. This is where the importance of retargeting comes in. Through retargeting, SEO Heroes Bangkok can follow the trends of where the traffic is coming from. This will help us identify the visitors’ source and understand what they are looking for.

To help with the conversion, we retarget the same audience by online ads that remind them about your company, products, and services. So, the customers who were potentially considering your company’s products and services now gets the call to action to realize. Retargeting helps in converting the potential target audience in an effective manner. Most of the companies who have followed this method have witnessed their sales figures surge tremendously.

SEO Heroes Bangkok understands that marketing and targeting is a continuous process, and we continue to devise new strategies to reach out to your audience to ensure your goals are achieved. At SEO Heroes Bangkok, your victory is our pride.

Orchestrate the Customer Journey

To provide customers with a superior and unique experience with the client’s company, SEO Heroes Bangkok manages every touch point dotted on the buying cycle by adopting a series of activities. It is essential to understand the target audience and manage a multi-channel marketing and engagement program to be able to catch the attention of the target audience at their preferred channels. This helps in grabbing their attention, providing superior customer experience, and expanding the overall outreach of the business.

It is also essential to make sure that the company provides attentive and responsive post-transaction customer service. Most companies focus on the pre-transactional relationship, and after the sale, the onus is put on the customers to provide a review, feedback or contact the company in case of any issues. However, it is equally important to follow-up with the customers and integrate it with the company policy to build a post-transactional relationship.

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we focus on delivering superior customer experience by helping clients orchestrate their customers’ journey. It helps in streamlining the buying cycle for marketing and engagement purposes. SEO Heroes Bangkok understands there are a total of four main junctions that comes in the buying cycle. These include –





The process of awareness starts by building an online presence through a website and social media marketing. This helps the brand get the recognition it needs to penetrate the market and get visibility among the target audience. Once the client’s brand gets considerable recognition in the market, the next step is to create interest in the brand and its products and services. We do this by creating engaging and informative videos and engaging with the customers directly and indirectly through the social media channels. Being prompt, friendly and interactive helps the customers absorb the information you deliver.

Then comes the part of courting the customers and helping them with choose which products and services they need. This is made possible by enhancing organic traffic to the site, reaching out to the target audience through Facebook posts, and achieving higher ranks on the search engine. When the brand is visible online, it helps the customers to revisit their idea of purchasing the product from the particular brand they engaged with earlier. SEO Heroes Bangkok helps its clients achieve a higher rank on the search engine and create a robust online marketing campaign to boost outreach of the brand across the target niche online.

Once the client has gone through the stage of consideration, the next step is to realize the call to action or purchase. When the entire cycle is streamlined and managed actively, the company is sure to achieve success. The revenue and sales would see phenomenal growth in a short span of time.

Lower Cost

Programmatic MarketingIt is a well-known fact that online marketing is much cheaper than other forms of marketing. Offline marketing or the traditional form of marketing that has been followed by all the companies over the years is known to be highly expensive, and gets limited results for a short span of time and has a restricted outreach. With that said, offline marketing does have its perks and can be lumped in with online marketing to boost the results achieved. The idea is to give equal or more importance to online marketing because it will provide long-term benefits regarding reach achieved, sales growth and brand identity.

The marketing expenditure would reduce automatically as you continue to get leads. Online marketing helps the client reach out to new markets that are not feasible for conventional marketing methods to pursue. Here are the few top benefits of SEO or online marketing –

  • Better reach
  • Reaping results long after the online marketing campaign has ended
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased visibility
  • Direct and active consumer engagement
  • Platform for better customer service
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Higher revenue
  • Increased sales

SEO Heroes Bangkok focuses on minimizing your marketing expenses and maximizing your ROI (return on investment). We devise a range of SEO strategies to market your website, brand, products, and services on numerous web channels. This helps in gaining better reach, exploring new markets, reaching out to potential customers, and getting better results without spending a fortune. It also contributes to keeping the price of your products and services low and stay highly competitive in your niche.

Programmatic Marketing

We Are Behind the Wheel to Deliver Your Results

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we have a results oriented approach and ensure you get the results you are looking for. Our SEO specialists and marketing experts work relentlessly using a broad range of advanced media and marketing tools to fetch you the results that help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Starting from developing your website to integrating and monitoring the traffic analytics, we take care of every step of your online journey to ensure the end goal is achieved sustainably. We have experts for different search engine optimization processes who have years of experience. They can audit your website and analyze your marketing positioning and competition. Once that is done, they track the traffic to your website and carefully do keyword research to know the keywords to use for your business/brand/products/services.

Keyword research is essential for the SEO strategy to be successful, and we have a firm grip on it. Once the targeted keywords are known, a wide range of SEO processes are implemented through White Hat Methods that are approved by and follows the updated Google Guidelines. We ensure that our SEO techniques do not cross the guidelines of any search engine.

Once the SEO processes have been implemented, they’re then tracked, monitored and regularly analyzed to measure the results they’re deriving. It is essential to measure the process’s effectiveness to know what is working and what is not, and after that, follow the processes that are fetching results for a particular project. The fluctuation in results achieved through different SEO processes vary based on the nature of the business of the client or the niche.

We consistently make the needed changes in our marketing strategies to ultimately get you the results we assured you, with the promise of sustainability. Many companies offer services that get you results overnight but don’t last long. We believe in long term gain and working hard to achieve that rather than taking a short cut and breaching the trust of our clients. We do not stop until we deliver you the results, and with SEO Heroes Bangkok, rest assured your marketing campaign will be a success.

In Summary

In simple words, online marketing or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ helps you lower your marketing cost while ensuring you reach out to your target audience more effectively. With the internet, there is no limit to where you can market your brand, products, and services. Thus, it would definitively help achieve higher ROI, revenue, and sales to market online well. There are numerous companies that have been able to get out of the bounds of restricted demographic reach because of conventional marketing methods through online marketing.

However, the online market is highly competitive and getting the SEO done right makes a huge difference. SEO Heroes Bangkok is one of the most trusted names in the SEO industry and we have years of experience in the field. It is this experience and expertise that provides us with the confidence to say we deliver results, always.

Identify Your Target Segments

When making an online marketing strategy, it is important to understand how the technology has integrated into our lives. We are constantly using PC, Mobile phones, iPad, and other kinds of media devices to stay connected, get information, or to perform any other activity. Thanks to the online marketing tools and technology available these days, it is possible to reach your target audience across all these media devices.

However, to increase the effectiveness of these marketing strategies, it is important to identify your target segments. Every company that offers products and services has analyzed this because of the nature of the products and services on offer. For example, if the products in question are kitchen accessories, it would appeal to a broad audience in general, but the target audience would be homemakers and women. Similarly, if the services on offer are travel related, such as hotel booking, flight booking and so on, the target audience would be leisure and business travelers.

Knowing the target segment will help us understand the devices they prefer to use which, in turn, will help us to market the products and services on those devices. It helps in leveraging the benefits achieved through the knowledge of your audience. If the target audience is professionals who are working 9-6 every day and who prefer to buy from their PC or phone, it would be useless to allot most of your marketing budget to media channels that are focused on students or kids.

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we study your target audience and competition and further that research by knowing the devices used and preferred by your target audience. This helps in increasing your ROI and getting results faster. It also helps in using the marketing budget more efficiently and ensures the results are visible much sooner. The traffic achieved when you know where to reach your audience is always phenomenal. Our SEO experts do an in-depth research of the products and services you offer as well as your brand so that the end-to-end marketing strategy we devise is focused on reaching out effectively without losing momentum in the process. Trust us to deliver, and we won’t disappoint.

Programmatic Marketing

Identify Your Target Interest Group

Niche marketing helps get positive results faster, and that is why it is important to identify your target interest group. The target interest group depends on the nature of the products and services on offer. So, if it is a fitness related product, the target interest group would be sport and hobbies as well as health and lifestyle. Knowing the interest group helps in designing the marketing plan accordingly. It pinpoints the direction we should market your brand, products, and services to get more attention, increase brand awareness, create brand identity, generate more leads, and give a definitive boost to sales and revenue.

If the product is footwear, and it is marketed on the real estate niche site or marketing channel, it is probably never going to get a result, but would continue to erode your marketing budget. This kind of directionless marketing makes no sense but is something widely in practice. SEO Heroes Bangkok, with years of experience and Google-certified SEO professionals on board, understands how to get results from online marketing. We study your brand, and we define your target group to know where to market. This is the defining curve in the marketing process that gets the results clients seek.

The Media Landscape is Big and Complicated

Marketing online is a complex process that requires experience, expertise, and marketing skills. The media landscape on which the online marketing takes place is vast and having a thorough understanding of each is essential to reap maximum benefit. Knowing which sub-categories to market on and what benefits to extract from different media channels helps in diverting the marketing focus accordingly.

The media landscape can be confusing for most people. To be successful, companies need to navigate through the various media categories like search engines, directories, site and blogs, content sites, social websites and more. Even though the options are plenty, your budget and your time are not infinite. It has become important for companies to identify the most promising media outlet and to use it to their advantage.

The media landscape is primarily defined by following categories –


Search Engines


Sites & Blogs


Content Sites

Review & Reco's


Location Based Services


SEO Professionals at SEO Heroes Bangkok can constructively use these media channels as per the nature of your business to maximize the effectiveness of marketing results achieved. SEO Heroes Bangkok can help find out the media habits of your targeted audience and pick the media options that are most appropriate for you. Our in-house SEO experts would select different media publishing mediums online that have the footfall of your target audience, and follow the process of retargeting and prospecting as we discussed above.

It is essential to know where your target audience spends maximum time online to be able to make the most of the marketing campaign. Many media channels are used to market brands and products online these days; SEO Heroes Bangkok has networked with them and possesses resources that collectively help implement the marketing plan we customize and design for you.


The online market is highly competitive in just about every niche, and one has to carefully devise a marketing plan that is strategically designed and programmed to achieve results. To get an edge over others, competitors in just about every field are using every medium they can find online to market brands, products and services. Mobile applications and games are some of the most innovative platforms that are widely preferred these days.

There are many games and mobile applications that are very popular and have millions of installs worldwide. It is a very innovative marketing medium because the developers of these applications are always finding new ways to monetize through their apps and mobile games. Advertising on these applications can help you reach your audience and increase brand visibility.

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we understand how to optimize your marketing campaign and use apps as a medium to market your brand and its products and services. We are creative as well as methodical in our approach for every project we undertake. With apps marketing, we statistically find out the apps that are most used by your target audience and approach them within the apps. This enhances the effectiveness of the entire marketing campaign.


SEO Heroes Bangkok has been one of the leaders in the field of mobile marketing and understands the process and reach of mobile marketing clearly. We can help your business reach out to a wider audience by focusing on many different mobile media platforms.

Many mobile-centric applications and websites are highly popular among users. Using these sites as a source to get traffic for your site can prove to be the breakthrough needed to achieve higher traffic, rankings and lead generation. We would help you reach out to a diverse range of media outlets, including on mobile platform. SEO Heroes Bangkok will not let you miss out on any media outlet that has the potential to fetch you results.


SEO Heroes Bangkok has accumulated resources over the years in the online marketing business that helps us promote the client’s business on many different niche based media outlets online without hassles. If you want to reach out to your audience through news, business or financial based websites or networks, rest assured we can make that happen for you.

We have ties with popular local and international media outlets active in the niche of news/business/financial, and we would devise a marketing and advertising campaign to effectively reach out to your audience through these outlets.


The tourism and the real estate industry have become more customer-centric than ever before. If you have a business in this industry; you need to consider the rise of the internet and the evolution of the digital marketing to be able to build a place for yourself in the market.

Most people use the internet to plan different stages of holiday or to help them find a home to buy or rent. Even for small businesses, it has become easier for them to use the digital marketing tool to stand out in the competition. For this, it requires them to understand their audience and then pick the different media platforms to reach them best. This will require some expertise and long-term commitment to growing your audience. Using the largest online resources at your disposal for marketing your products and services, you can create a sustainable strategy to build a strong brand.

SEO Heroes Bangkok helps brands reach the right people and build a huge following. We can help you create success by building a business model that will allow your company in the tourism and real estate industry to market itself by providing an exceptional experience for your customers.


Companies can use different entertainment platforms available to them in creative and innovative ways to target their audience, especially men in various age groups. The companies need to pick a marketer who can build their brand using genuine interest and post engaging content as well as videos to sell to their consumers.

Entertainment can be used in different ways to market to the consumers. If the content is inviting, it will surely generate more publicity than others. By being aware of the changing trends in the entertainment culture, it’s much easier to market your products and services. By thinking out of the box and finding new ways to tell a story, businesses can make people aware of them and spur engagement.

SEO Heroes Bangkok can help you perform highly specific audience targeting through our various associated online avenues. We can provide you the exact kind of audience that you want for lead generation. We develop digital media strategies that will help give you a competitive edge over your competitors.


The beauty and the fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world; it consists of skin and hair care, cosmetic, diet pills, clothes and the primary target audience is women. For companies to persuade their customers to buy their products, they need to show them how they will transform into a new and improved version of themselves by using their products. Advertisers need to focus on the psychological emotions of female consumers when advertising the product.

Women looking for beauty and fashion products are motivated by society for whom attractiveness is high on the list. Most believe that being good looking will offer them a social advantage. This vulnerability offers beauty product advertisers an opportunity to help them find a solution to their problems. Women are more likely to buy products that help them to live up to the expectations of the society.

Also, advertisers need to ensure that their advertisements and their marketing methods are not misleading but are backed by proof. Since there are no regulations on manipulating images to portray an ideal persona to be flawless, advertisers need to be careful how they use this to their advantage and don’t build a misleading identity for their brand.

SEO Heroes Bangkok uses distinctive strategies and finds appropriate media platforms for companies in the beauty and fashion industries to appeal to a wider range of consumers and to market their products to women.


In general, men and women respond differently to advertisements and brands. If the target audience of customers is men, they need to understand the purchasing behavior of the male audience to market sports products or services to them. There are a number of misconceptions about how men shop and what they look for. Many brands assume that men do not search for bargains, which is not true at all. They do, but their approach to buying things is much different than that of women. To advertise to men, it is important to provide concrete information and data that carries more weight.

To be able to market to men, it is important to provide all the necessary information about the product upfront and the background information afterward. Men look for concrete elements of the products and want to know the benefits of that product to them before anything else. Men make decisions on their purchase through the process of elimination. Many also rely on gender identification. When buying a product or service, they will question if it is too feminine and if it is, most men avoid them altogether.

Men will be ready to see what marketers have for them, but only if you are able to get their attention by creating messages that will appeal to their maleness. You cannot just rely on one media outlet to reach men. You need to spread your advertising budget appropriately and market to them accordingly. If you do not, you will be wasting your time and money.

At SEO Heroes Bangkok, we ensure that your advertisement is perfectly designed for men and will appeal to them through the different media channels that we can help you select.


There are consumers who will be willing to buy everything that you have and do not care what the cost is. These are any marketer’s dream, and you call them kids. In today’s digitally forward world, children are bombarded with brand messages from an early age, almost from the very moment they are born. From the clothes they wear, food they eat, colorful packaging of branded products in the supermarket, movies, toys, restaurants to the sports they play, they will always be listening to or seeing pitches and advertisements through different media outlets and from many different industries.

It is impossible for children to be kept away from such marketing messages. Today, children as young as two can recognize logos and often request for a particular brand of things when they start to talk. They are using computers and mobile phones to look for information which is a great plus for those looking to target kids for advertisements. Marketers love to target the kids as they have more disposable income at hand and can influence their family members regarding the purchases they make. Kids have the ability to nag their parents to allow them to buy certain things and most parents give in at some point. Thus, there is a whole new segment that is devoted to finding out how to sell successfully to the kids.

Another reason behind the industry advertising to children is that the parents today are more willing to listen to their kids and purchase things that they want. This trend can be attributed to the small family size, dual incomes and having children at a later stage in life thus having more disposable income. Another reason is that many parents feel guilty about not being able to spend time with their kids and end up showing their love and care through gifts.

If brands want to market to kids, SEO Heroes Bangkok can help you build relationships to connect with the kids using the right digital platforms to make your brand successful.

Just So You Know

Periodic Table of Programmatic Targeting and Optimization Elements

The periodic table above illustrates the key points and factors that play a vital role in the marketing world in a well-defined manner. These elements can make or break any marketing campaign, and the illustration has been done in a sequential manner for your ease of understanding.

SEO Heroes Bangkok takes care of each and every aspect mentioned above on the table in a systematic way to achieve results. We are sincere in our efforts, and back our strategies with practical implications and years of experience. Our end goal is to get you maximum results at the minimum price, because we focus on developing a long-term relationship with our clients, and helping you achieve success is a good place to start.

The Role of Marketer is Changing

The world of marketing is ever-evolving, and online digital marketing is no exception. There are many roles that an online marketer has to play, which involve being highly creative and technically-sound at the same time. As new marketing techniques come to the forefront and the marketing world continues to develop rapidly, so does the marketer have to update himself/herself to continue to provide focused and results-oriented marketing services.

With that said, it cannot be denied that a marketer plays the role of part-time artist and part-time scientist. The marketer is responsible for a broad range of creative jobs and technical aspects of marketing at the same time.

As part-time artist –

Programmatic Marketing

Write highly engaging, crisp, informative and gripping content for various online media publications.

Programmatic Marketing

Design and develop various visual elements that are attractive and grab the attention of the target audience. It can be a website, banner, an infographic, and more. The list is practically endless.

Programmatic Marketing

Social media marketing needs out-of-the-box thinking to catch the eyes of the audience. Doing what everyone is doing might not get the results as desired. The marketer has to have a creative and innovative approach when managing social media accounts for clients. They need a deep understanding of the niche and the audience to be creative while staying inside the niche.

Programmatic Marketing

Creativity is the name of the game when engaging in email marketing. If the email is not written or timed well, there is no way it will get results. The onus is on the marketer to think of a catchy subject line so that the readers open the mail, and then when inside, compels the reader to opt-in or realize the call to action. It sure needs some artistry to make that happen.

As part-time scientist –

Programmatic Marketing

The marketers don’t only implement marketing strategies through creative content, but they also do active performance tracking that requires many technical skills and expertise. It is essential to revisit the marketing plan if the results are not as desired, or try marketing activities that are fetching more results.

Programmatic Marketing

Marketers have to be very intelligent and methodical in their approach so that they can use the marketing budget wisely and get results. There is almost no margin of error in online marketing as any mishap can lead to wide scale damage, especially due to the ‘viral’ nature of the internet.

Programmatic Marketing

The analytics is integrated with the clients’ sites to monitor the traffic flow, lead generation and outreach of the site in general. There is a lot of crucial information that is gathered through the analytics, and marketer reads it, understands it, and manipulates the marketing campaign accordingly to get the results sought.

Programmatic Marketing

Marketers know how to use various marketing and advertising tools for performance tracking and to measure campaign performance like the back of their hand. It needs many core skills, training and expertise to handle these highly advanced tools.

The marketer these days needs to be multi-talented, multi-skilled and engage in multi-tasking to stay ahead of the game. SEO Heroes Bangkok possesses the right mix of both creative talent and technical expertise to craft customized marketing campaigns for our clients. It ensures that we deliver long-term marketing gains that make our clients market leaders in their niche.

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