Why a Website Is Essential for Your Business Growth

If you don’t have a website in 2020, then what are you waiting for?

It offers your business so many opportunities for growth that not having one is stopping it from achieving its real potential.

That is why today we are going to show you why your business needs it badly. We will share with you all the opportunities you can profit from, so you can understand why you need to invest in one right now.

Needless to say, we are here to build your website for you. Get in contact today and let’s start building your website!

The Foundation for Digital Marketing

Without a website, it is almost impossible to work with digital marketing.

Of course, you can use other properties like YouTube videos, but that is not professional at all. Not a bit, especially in important verticals like law, insurance and finance.

You need to have a professional website your visitors can arrive to, a place where they can learn about your business, explore your products/services and finally buy.

Of course, not all websites are the same and that is why you need to work with a team of experienced and professional web designers, but we will talk more about that later.

If you have heard good things about how businesses increase their sales with the help of the internet, then it is due to a good website and proper digital marketing strategies.

Therefore, if you want to explore the amazing profit potential from online marketing, then you need to have a website in the first place.

A Must for PPC Advertising

Be it Adwords (search PPC) or Facebook Ads (social PPC), without a website, it is impossible to exploit both traffic sources.

The State of Social Media in Thailand:

Samsung has nearly 6 million active fans in Thailand. That is a strong sign of the state of social media in the country and how important it is.

On another note, Lenso Wheels has accumulated over 2.5 million interactions (source: https://www.socialbakers.com/statistics/facebook/pages/detail/119253688127025-lenso-wheels).

Again, this is evidence of how important it is and why big brands like Lenso Wheels and Samsung care about it.

Nonetheless, you do not need to be a big boy to take advantage of social marketing, be it the “free” or paid way.

You need to send that traffic somewhere, and the best place to send it is your website. If it is tailored for your audience and niche, then you can expect to get amazing results.

You cannot ignore the power of social media marketing, however, in order to exploit it properly and at its maximum, you need to have a proper website. Without it, you are way behind your competitors.

Make Search PPC Possible:

We have already talked about the importance of Adwords for your business. However, without a website, it is impossible to exploit it.

Simply put, if you do not have a place where your traffic can arrive to, then how do you expect to convert it?

You need a proper website and landing pages (don’t worry, we will take care of it). This will allow you to convert your traffic in clients and sales.

In order to make Adwords work for your business, you need to test, test, test, test and test over and over again. Therefore, we will need to work with your website and modify it, in order to see what setup works better with the traffic you are receiving.

Multiple variables come into play at the hour of optimizing a PPC campaign and making it a winner. We know how to do it and we can do it for you, but without a website, it is impossible.

As you can see, a website is a must-have. It is the foundation of digital marketing, and without it, most things are not possible.

You will not regret this investment; to the contrary, in a short time you will be glad you did it, once you see the excellent results it will deliver to your business.

It Makes SEO Possible

Without a website, it is impossible to do SEO, and therefore, you will be leaving tons of money on the table.

Organic Traffic Is Profitable:

Organic traffic is precious because it sends a stream of highly targeted visitors to your website, which as you can easily guess, can deliver you sales and clients.

Unfortunately, without a website it is not possible to exploit this amazing source of traffic that can take your business to a completely new level.

You need a website to rank in Google for the most important keywords for your industry.

The keywords are the phrases or questions people search on Google and with the help of powerful SEO strategies, those people will find your website on the first page, and thus, be more likely to buy from you.

Let’s suppose you own a cooking school in Chiang Mai. Wouldn’t it be amazing to rank on the first page (and first positions) for the following keywords?

  1. Cooking school in Chiang Mai (1300 searches/month)
  2. Cooking school Chiang Mai (1300 searches/month)
  3. Chiang Mai cooking school (1300 searches/month)
  4. Chiang Mai cooking class half day (140 searches/month)
  5. Best cooking school in Chiang Mai (50 searches/month)

As you can see, there are thousands of people looking for your services every single month.

You are smart enough to understand the potential of this, however, without a website it is impossible to take advantage of this.

The perks of having a website are multiple, and the ability to drag traffic from search engines is one of the biggest.

An Important Note:

Having a website will not bring you organic traffic by itself, of course not. It is essential to have a professional and SEO-educated team of web designers and developers to build it, because otherwise, you will face the following issues:

  • Your website will not have SEO-friendly code
  • It will not be optimized for ranking in search engines
  • It will be harder to crawl by search engines’ spiders
  • It will probably face indexability issues

That is why you need to work with a competent web design agency, and SEO Heroes is your best choice ^___^

If you want a website that ranks and attract highly targeted traffic by the loads, then we can make it happen for you.

Get in contact today and let’s make your business grow!

It Makes You an Authority

On a side note: it is impossible to do branding without a website.

If you want to be perceived as an authority, then you need a professional and niche-tailored website. This has multiple benefits:

  1. You will emanate trust from the beginning
  2. New prospects will be more likely to trust you
  3. You will strengthen bonds with current clients
  4. You will give mouth-to-mouth marketing a huge boost
  5. You will obtain more sales and clients
  6. Your reputation will improve and grow stronger

In order to achieve this, you need a few things from which a website is essential. Along with proper online reputation management and branding (both offline and online), you will see a huge boost in your authority in your industry.

A Must in These Competitive Times:

Did you know that Thailand is the 10th most competitive economy in Asia-Pacific?

Thailand’s economy is growing rapidly, and therefore, competition is doing the same. It is healthy for the country and its development, but this fiery environment will override your business if you do not take action.

You need to keep an edge over your competitors, and lacking a website is putting you way behind them.

You cannot afford to run a business in 2020 without a website and a strong online presence, because a growing number of people in Thailand are relying on the internet for searching and purchasing products and services.

These times bring you tons of opportunities, because you can profit way more than back in the day, but you need to find that audience and you can find it online. That is why you MUST have a website.

Do not be left behind and allow your competitors to replace you, because sooner or later that is what will happen. These competitive times will just grow wilder and more profitable, but you need to keep an edge to take advantage of them, and that is what a website and online marketing can bring you.

An Important Note:

Just like the case of SEO, you need a proper website built by professionals.

In this case, you need a website designed for your niche and for that special kind of visitors. Unfortunately, not many companies do the hard job of researching your industry, building an ideal type of customer and so on.

However, here at SEO Heroes we do things different, because we research everything about your industry and reverse-engineer your best-performing competitors in order to come up with the perfect design for your company.

Your visitors will trust your website and they will be more likely to work with you than with your competitors.

That is exactly what you want to achieve. They will feel identified and trust you, and that is the perfect recipe for boosting your sales and number of clients.

As you can see, a professional website built by our team is the quickest way for taking your business and profits to the next level!

The Rise of Online in Thailand

It is amazing to see how much Thailand is progressing, and this can be observed in how much online sales are growing.

Did you know that the number of online shoppers in Thailand is expected to reach 14 million by 2021? (Source: https://ecommerceiq.asia/online-shoppers-thailand/)

That is an insane amount of potential clients, and you are missing out this profitable opportunity without a website.

Since 2016, there has been an important rise in mobile phone shopping, and this trend is only growing stronger with the passing of time.

Let’s suppose you run a cosmetics store in Thailand and you wish to sell nationally. Without a website, you are leaving amazing opportunities on the table, and do not doubt about it that your competitors will take advantage of them instead of you.

In your concrete case, an e-commerce shop would be the perfect solution. It would allow you to show all of your products to potential clients, and therefore, generate tons of sales.

If you send the right kind of traffic to your shop – be it organic or from PPC campaigns – then you will get amazing results. That is the power of the internet, and exploiting it couldn’t be simpler.

How so?

Because you only need to outsource all the hard work to a competent digital marketing agency… just like us!

We have a vast experience building business websites as well as e-commerce shops and more. If you need a proper site in the internet to advertise your services, build your authority and send you sales and clients, then we are the solution you are looking for!


It is clear now: a website is essential for your business growth.

Now you have multiple reasons to believe so. You have seen how it makes digital marketing possible and how online purchases are growing big time in Thailand, and how this trend will only keep growing stronger.

You also know how competitive Thailand’s economy is, and how this situation will keep getting wilder with the passing of time.

Your website and digital marketing can bring you the edge necessary to outperform your competitors and keep a bigger share of your market.

What are you waiting for then? It is time to get your own website. Only contact us and we will be more than happy to help you!

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