WordPress Developers in Bangkok

What is WordPress?

There’s no better website design platform than WordPress. It’s insane popularity and ability for customization makes it a fan-favorite for developers everywhere.

However, it’s not the easiest platform to use if you don’t have a technological background. 

WordPress has the power to create every type of web page you need with endless add-ons and widgets. The list of plugins available is extensive as are the partner sites that work in sync with WP. 

When it comes to designing your business’s website, WordPress is definitely the way to go. But, for the most successful website, hire a professional WordPress site designer, like our team at SEO Heroes. 

The learning curve to using WP is large, and many business owners are intimidated by it’s tech-heavy components. That’s why working with our team is the best decision you could make. You simply tell us your goals and ideas for the website, and we perform some magic

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Is Your Current Website Hurting Business?

You may think your current website is “good enough.” It has your logo and sells your products. That’s enough, isn’t it?

No. Absolutely not. 

You website is an incredible tool and resource for your business. It plays a major role in finding new customers and nurturing them through your funnel. Your website can make your brand appear more authoritative in your niche and help your compete with your peers. 

A poorly designed website on a basic platform won’t garner you the results you want. 

But, a professionally designed website on WordPress has the ability to take your business as high as you want it to go. The sky is the limit! Let us create a professional and optimized website for your business.

Reap the rewards your business deserves!


Why WordPress is Best Solution

We could go on for days about how amazing WordPress is for business websites. Instead, here are some of the top reasons our clients love having their sites designed on WP:

  1. It’s cost effective. Some website building tools are overpriced and stingy. WordPress is an affordable option that provides more than most other platforms. This allows us to keep our prices reasonable and for you to get the best return on your investment. 
  2. It’s primed with SEO tools. Simply check out the list of SEO plugins available on WP. You can improve your on-page SEO, manage your backlinks, and even track your Google Analytics. All from one platform! 
  3. It’s integrated with social media. That means every page you create can be easily shared to your visitors’ social media pages. This is optimal for word of mouth marketing!

For businesses who want to take advantage of the digital market, a website is necessary. But, creating one on WP makes you stand out from the competition. Have our expert designers create it for you? The benefits you’re bound to see are limitless!

Only results matter, and that is exactly what we bring you.


Conversion & SEO Friendly Website Focus

There’s no point in creating a website that doesn’t achieve the results you want. What are those results? Likely, increased traffic, increased conversions, and increased sales. An SEO-friendly website with expert conversion rate optimization strategies is what you need.

Our process is simple and transparent. First, we’ll assess your business and it’s current website if you have one. Our digital marketers will do extensive market research of your industry. We’ll look at your competition’s websites as well. Then, we’ll get to work. 

Your website needs to be intentionally designed for conversions. That means having amazing SEO tactics in place as well as advanced user experience aspects. By streamlining your branding across your website and other online channels, you become a more reputable company. 

We go out of our way to ensure our clients’ websites see results. To do this, we monitor its analytics constantly and send you regular reports. When changes are needed, we make them. When things are going amazingly, we celebrate. Your wins are our wins.

We bring you the best return on your investment. Maximum online growth at your disposal!


A Clear 30-Day Report

Our objective is to get you results: No Copy Paste Reports!

Therefore, all of our strategies are transparent and tailored to your needs and goals, thus meeting the results you expect.

That is why we have so many satisfied customers, who like you, wanted to reach more local customers.

We made it happen for them and we can do the same for you.

We guarantee respect for the timeline, clear reports of the tasks completed, fast communication, and high commitment to achieve the ranking results your company deserves.

Let’s get started!


WordPress Web Design F.A.Q.

To make sure that you understand the actual benefits of WordPress Web Design, how it works, and how we deliver results, in this section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You will also see why we are different and how we can help your business grow to make sure that you understand how this investment is worthwhile for your company.

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Why Are You Different?

Unlike other WordPress Web Designers, we place our focus on results. It’s nice to have an attractive website, but if it doesn’t attract visitors and convert them into customers, what’s the point? It needs to have expert SEO strategies in place as well as conversion rate optimization strategies built-in. Therefore, we tailor our web design strategies to the needs and goals of your business.

On top of that, we are fully transparent and always disclose all the facts before we start working together. We will let you know what to expect, when to expect it (approximately), and keep you aware of the progress.

What Do Your WordPress Web Design Solutions Include?

Our web design services include every step from beginning to end: market research, branding, web design, CRO, keyword research, on-page optimization, content building, off-page optimization, tracking, and optimization of results. We offer you a holistic approach to web design that takes care of every single aspect in order to deliver the results you expect.

Authentic and experienced professionals handle each aspect, using the latest technology, software, and knowledge, to deliver the results necessary to make your business grow.

Are the Solutions Packaged or Tailored?

Of course! We can’t have all our clients using the same website! Every WordPress site we design is 100% customized to our clients’ businesses and goals. Therefore, we don’t have a fixed price and we will define it after analyzing your business, your industry, and what you want to accomplish. 

How Can I Track Results and Return on Investment (ROI)?

In every report you receive from us, you will be able to see how many visitors you are getting every month. Based on the amount of conversions you get, we will be able to let you know your conversion rate so you can compare it to the price of our services and determine your ROI.

We provide you an easy and transparent way to measure how much your money is producing with us, so you can see that your investment is worthwhile.

Do You Provide Reports?

Yes, absolutely. To let you know of the progress of your campaign, we provide you with complete, insightful, and transparent reports that will allow you to measure the performance of our strategies and solutions. Everything we do is results-driven, and therefore, we are completely open to letting you know how we are designing every aspect of your website.