The Year of the Wolf
Quit Being the Lone Wolf to Make Your Business Grow

The business world is a wild place of fiery creatures and a never-ending fight for survival and resources – but it’s also full of opportunities, growth and happiness. It depends on how you tackle it.

The problem

You’re a Wolf – But There’s a Problem You Must Solve

You can be any creature you want, but your choice will define your fate. And if you’re here, it’s because you’ve chosen wisely. You’re a wolf, and wolves share the following personality traits:

  • You’re a leader
  • You’re smart and creative for solving problems
  • You’re constantly looking for new opportunities for your business or new ventures
  • You’re resilient and know how to overcome failures

But listen, there’s a huge problem with wolves like you in the business world:

They tend to become lone wolves.

And you can get far – and at a fast rhythm – walking alone, but it comes with an expiration date.

You’ll soon hit a plateau, and unfortunately, you’ll not be able to move it alone.

That plateau, most of the time, is digital marketing – and not knowing how to handle it will hinder your progress.

Do you feel identified?

If so, we’re going to show you why teaming up with our team of digital marketing wolves will help you to take your business to the next level.


You Don’t Have to Do Everything Right – And That’s Totally Fine

In a wolf pack, each wolf has a function and yours is to run your business as an owner and leader.

It implies taking important decisions, commanding your team, investing and so on, and even though you can do digital marketing on your own, it’s not a good idea most of the time.

The strength of a leader is to take the best decisions, and it implies outsourcing key aspects such as digital marketing to the right people, because digital marketing is more complex than you think.

Digital Marketing: The Key to Online Success

Think of digital marketing as a land to conquer. Full of treasures awaiting for you – but doing it alone is impossible. It’s hard, but when you work in a pack, it will become much easier to accomplish.

And that pack of wolves is SEO Heroes – we’re wolves like you, but our specialty is digital marketing and we have a wolf specialized in each aspect of digital marketing:

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC
  • Facebook Ads
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We will work together with you, so you can handle the most important tasks and aspects of your business and run your wolf pack like a leader while we handle your digital marketing

Let’s see what your road-map to success will look like – let us show you how to arrive to the land of success, digital marketing.

The Road-map to Success

Conquering the Digital Marketing Land

Welcome to the wolf pack – while you’re a leader in your own business, we’ll show you how we’re going to handle digital marketing for your benefit.

Locating the Land – Identifying the Best Strategy for Your Business

The first step for the pack is to locate the ideal digital marketing prey – which is a combination of the following:

  1. The ideal website design for your audience – to convert your visitors
  2. The keywords that your audience is searching on Google – to drive traffic via SEO and PPC to your website
  3. The likes and segmentation of your audience – to target them effectively via Facebook Ads and drive relevant traffic to your website

Basically, it’s locating the best ways to drive traffic to your website and convert it into paying customers to bring profits to your business.

Every business is different – and therefore – you need a strategy that works for you, you need to locate the best angles to attack digital marketing, and that’s what we are going to do for you.

But this is just a general idea – and that’s where the second step comes in.

Building the Plan – Learning Everything About Your Audience

Once our wolves have located the land, we’ll begin to build the plan. We’re going to learn everything about your audience:

  • Their pain points
  • Their passions
  • Their likes
  • Their goals
  • Their most searched keywords
  • Their interests on Facebook

All the information to build a plan to attack the prey – the more we learn, the better. You’ll obtain a perfect avatar of your ideal customer, to drive traffic and convert it into clients and sales.

It will help us to know how to target them via SEO, PPC and Facebook Ads – and how to design the website effectively and write the content to convert all the traffic.

Once all the information is in full charge, the third step comes in.

Implementing the Plan – Let’s Make the Strategy Flow

Once we’ve gathered enough info, we’ll proceed to implement the plan. We’ll put the strategy in action. This is what we’re going to do:

  1. Deploy your full website with the perfect design for your audience and all the functionalities to let conversions and sales flow in
  2. Start the full SEO campaign to rank your website on the 1st page for all of the keywords that your audience is searching to find your products and services – to drive targeted organic traffic
  3. Start the PPC campaign to get visitors instantly by targeting the best keywords that your audience is searching – to drive highly targeted visitors from day #1
  4. Start the Facebook Ads campaign by targeting the ideal audiences on Facebook – to drive plenty of targeted visitors and increase awareness of your brand

You’ll start to get results at this stage – but it doesn’t end there.

We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to optimize your results.

Welcome Conversion Rate Optimization, which is optimizing every single aspect of your strategy from elements on your website to the content on it, as well as your ads and your targeting.

The best results for your budget. Guaranteed.

The Arrival to the Promised Land – Reaping all the Benefits for Your Business

Inevitably, we’ve arrived to the promised land, for your business to flourish and reach new heights. This is how you will feel it:

  • More clients and sales
  • A solid and established online reputation on Google and social media
  • A loyal base of customers and fans – to generate sales and clients repeatedly

Summarizing it, your business will grow to never-seen-before levels.

Stop Being the Lone Wolf

Join the SEO Heroes Pack!

We’ve obtained amazing results for several businesses, you can check it on our case studies page – and we can do it for you, too.

We’ll guide you to success with results-driven strategy, to take your business to the next level. Guaranteed.

 Stop being a lone wolf and join our pack – Check our clients’ success stories and contact us to make your business grow with the power of digital marketing!

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